Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Jobs and TV and DECORA!!!!

I think most of you know already, but on my last day at Vanier, I interviewed at John Abbott College. They were doing their interviews on Thursday, but I had to go in on Monday because I was going to be in Louisiana on Thursday. They were sooooooo nice to work everything out so that they could do the interview on Monday, especially since I was giving a final that night, and my Monday wasn't exactly flexible.

So then I went to Louisiana, and on Friday morning, I got an e-mail saying that they had picked me for the job and that I was their unanimous first choice!! I thought the interview went well, but still, I was surprised that they picked me (for a daytime position!!!!), when I have so little experience. Anyway, the atmosphere at the interview was super nice, and everyone seemed incredibly friendly. They all seem to really like each other (unlike at Vanier), so, even though it's a suuuuper long commute (an hour and a half - though I guess Vanier was 50 minutes, so it's really not THAT big of a difference), I'm incredibly excited about the new job!

It will be my first time with an actual salary since I was living in France (and doing the worst job ever with the worst boss ever). I am SUPER EXCITED!!!! It doesn't start until the 20th, but I have meetings all week next week. And I am SUPER NERVOUS about it! What if I end up being an awful, awful teacher, and it was just a fluke that I felt like I did okay this past term and that my students seemed to like me.

G and I are celebrating Christmas tomorrow (!!!!), so this past week, I have been pretending it's still Christmas. (pretending, pshaw, it IS still Christmas!!!!). As such, I have been watching lots and lots of Christmas movies! :-) And I think I have a new favorite, that I will definitely be adding to the roster of movies that I must watch every year - A Very Merry Mix-Up. It was a Hallmark movie, and it was literally too adorable for words!

I loved it so much that I've been thinking I might want to start some Hallmark TV. I was thinking of maybe trying When Calls the Heart, even though it looks tooooootally cheesy! But I love cheesy! :-) I've also been thinking of maybe trying to watch Ravenswood, to try to rekindle my romance with abc Family, which has sort of gone sour since the end of Make it or Break It (BEST SHOW EVER). I've got soooo much TV to watch, though (Japanese TV shows, Sherlock, House of Cards, Downton Abbey), I really don't need to be adding any new shows to the mix. I just FEEL like I do since I have had the past week off. I am sure that once I start work again, I won't have time to watch anything.

In other news, I have been OBSESSED lately with Mimi Petit Deco. Yaaaaayyyyy for Decoden! And yyyaaaaayyyyy for Decora Style!!!! (though, I admit, I could do without all the hairpieces) Anyhow, the Mimi Petit Deco cell phone cases are sooooo cute, and I want to get one soooooo badly! I want one all pink and turquoise with an adorable unicorn on it. Maybe it will be my "I got a new job" present to myself once I have started, if I feel like it goes well.

Anyhow, that's all I have to say today, folks! Tomorrow is (fake) Christmas, and I'm psyched!

After Christmas is over tomorrow, perhaps I will post about Christmas in Louisiana then Christmas here. YayyyyyyY! I can't wait to wake up super early and open presents. ::happiness::


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Congrats for your new job!!
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