Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's that time again. . .

What time, you may ask?
The time to pull out the Christmas pajamas and the "Santa Loves A Southern Girl" t-shirt. The time to fill with glee at the sight of Christmas lights and to spend every free second Christmas shopping. The time to download every Christmas movie you can think of (or, if you live in the United States, to watch the 25 days of Christmas marathon on ABC Family) and talk your boyfriend into watching them with you (much to his unfortunate dismay).

Note: This picture was taken last year since I am presently too lazy to attach the camera to the computer to put more recent Christmasy pictures.

I know it's been time for all of those things for a while now, but I have been so busy dealing with my boss (who has been trying to forbid me to go home for Christmas - heh, yeah right!) that I've barely had a second to myself lately.
Happily, dealing with boss time is coming to an end, and this coming Thursday I am heading back to Louisiana for Sarah's wedding and then CHRISTMAS!!!! I am so excited I can barely control myself!
I have been doing some mega Christmas shopping lately, and I really hope that everyone is going to love their presents!!!!

Also, I think I completely forgot to post about it, but I DID indeed manage to finish my 50,000 word novel on time. I managed to be at 50,000 words two days early, even. I ended up with a finished novel at 57,084 words, but there are still a few gaps that I have to go back and fill in.
Oh yes, be proud of me. I'm proud of myself, even if it probably isn't anything worth reading.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

the power of boiling water

I am a fan of boiling water for many reasons. The main of which is that when the heater in your apartment is broken and your apartment is thus freezing and the water is freezing, boiling water is great for bathing.

Yesterday, though, I discovered a new reason to love boiling water. Guillaume's sink in the bathroom was completely clogged up and unusable, and so he had started using mine about 2 weeks ago. My sink also very quickly clogged up, and we tried everything to unclog them, hoping to not have to resort to sending some horribly toxic and dangerous chemical down there.

We unscrewed the pipes and tried to clean in that way. No go. We bought a sink plunger. No go. We bought a natural pipe cleaner. No go. Finally, I was going to try putting some baking soda down there followed by white vinegar. But then we went out, and I forgot to buy white vinegar, so I decided, in the meantime, to just pour boiling water down the drain, and voili voilu,. . .
Guess what?
It WORKED! That was all it took - just pouring a little bit of boiling water down the drain. Now we have two totally unclogged sinks. Amazing!

In other news, Sarah's vegan Thanksgiving potluck was fantastic, and I ended up making the muffins that taste like donuts from the Vegan Vittles cookbook. They were a big hit.

Also, Guillaume and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday (a bit late, mais bon), and I am SO excited about my gifts!
I got these amazing hot pink shoes (that are unfortunately too big, but I'm working on getting the right size, so I'll post a picture as soon as that happens.
And then this super cool backpack:

I discovered today that it is actually waterproof, and this thrills me to no end.

And I got Guillaume this mask of Pan made by Tihomir Marinkovic, a Croatian mask maker. Isn't it awesome! I hope he likes it as much as he says he does.

To finish, YAY Christmas is coming!!!!