Friday, August 28, 2009

Stateside: Cathryn

After the fantastic New Kids on the Block concert and the fantastic weekend in Dallas with the fam, it was time for me to head down to San Francisco to spend some much needed time with my BEST FRIEND EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Cathryn - also known as Spiggy. I honestly can't even remember the last time we got to spend some real quality time together.

After a brief trauma at the airport (we somehow managed to be waiting for each other for over an hour in different terminals - I have to admit that I was freaking out a bit), the fun began!!!! First in San Antonio, and then she drove me back over to Louisiana.
We seriously had a GREAT time together just talking and eating delicious vegan food (isn't it awesome that my best friend since I was 7 and my boyfriend are both vegans like I am?!?)and watching movies and exploring San Antonio, of course, making a New Kids on the Block music video.

One of the movies we saw, Sugar Sweet, was a Japanese movie about a lesbian film maker, and I seriously think it might be one of the worst movies I have ever seen and actually pseudo enjoyed- on a totally DIFFERENT level than Sheitan - see previous entry - which was definitely worse since Sugar Sweet was actually slightly entertaining at least. But whoever decided on the music for this movie (and the dialogue and what would happen in the tordid twisted sex scenes, for that matter) definitely had something, well, interesting going on in their head. Apparently it's also the first Japanese movie ever about lesbians. Cool.

Now, I am sure you are wondering what I meant when I said: making a New Kids on the Block music video. Well, we decided that, to amuse ourselves, we should make a music video of one of the awesomest songs of all time, "Cover Girl." Unfortunately, it is I who has all of the separate clips that we made and who is supposed to compile them all together to make the song. And since I have been basically computerless for the past month, this still has not happened. When it does finally happen, though, I will be sure to post it. Or at least a link to it. In the meantime, PICTURES!!!! And I'll let you, the reader, draw your own conculsions about some of them.


Anyhow, aside from that, it was just really cool getting to hang out with my bestest friend ever again. And I was so psyched to get to meet her pseudo boyfriend and to get to see some of the people and places that I am always hearing her talk about. I wish we could hang out more often. CATHRYN!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! And you'd better be thankful that I didn't post a certain picture of you (with a certain object) that I am still just DYING to post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stateside: New Kids On the Block

While I was home, my mother and I drove over to Dallas with my aunt and cousin Brittni and her boyfriend, where we met up with my sister, to spend the weekend with my aunt and Uncle. We had a great time and ate delicious food (because my aunt is an AMAZING cook!!!!) and went shopping and bought lots of cute things and, well, good times were had.

The entire reason for this trip, though, was for my mother, my sister, and I, on July to all get to see the New Kids on the Block TOGETHER!

As opposed to seeing them apart and then gushing on the phone all about it (which my sister and I did, without my mother, who had never actually seen them - or maybe she did back in the day?).

It was so so so so SO amazing!!!! It was the third time for me to get to see them since they started this reunion thing of theirs (the second for Kristen), and of course it was the most amazing time since I was with Kristen and my mom! Kristen and I dressed up in our old sweatsuits from back in the day despite the 100 degree heat, and I have to say, we were definitely the best dressed fans there.

Aren't We Just the Cutest?

Kristen managed to keep hers on for pretty much the whole time, but I have to admit that I took mine off, so as not to die of heat.

This really awesome dance group from Colorado, the JabaWockeeZ (you might remember them from the opening scene of Step Up 2: The Streets). Sadly, I think that my mom enjoyed them more than she actually enjoyed the New Kids. So, they were awesome, and then the New Kids on the Block played for OVER 2 HOURS!!!!

They played all of our favorite songs, including "Popsicle," which they hadn't played either of the two previous times when I saw them. I was thrilled beyond belief. Kristen and I danced like maniacs pretty much the entire time. There was a little girl beside us who seemed to know all of the old NKOTB dance moves and also danced like a maniac the whole time. It was so cute. Especially because the New Kids on the Block were also doing all of the old dance moves. It was completely radical, even if Mom was slightly mortified by all of the crotch grabs. Kristen and I, however, were thrilled.

At one point during the concert, the New Kids all came out into the audience, and Kristen and I ran to get close, stupidly forgetting the camera. If we had remembered it, we would have gotten a RIDICULOUS close up of Jonathan Knight. We were literally, like, a foot from him. And being so close to him, I remembered that HE (and not Mike Dirnt, as I have previously stated in this blog) was the real first love of my lifeK. Seriously, I was completely obsessed with him (even if I always thought that Danny Wood was just a little bit sexier). I had the stuffed doll and the barbie style doll and there was a huge poster of him right behind my bed combined with lots of little pictures of him (and Danny and all the New Kids) plastering the rest of the walls under the creamy blue and pink unicorn bordering that I adored (and that I hope to one day have again, PLEASE Guillaume?!?). Honestly, I don't know how in my head I had forever replaced him with Mike Dirnt. Don't get me wrong, I totally did love Mike Dirnt back in the day, but there was ALWAYS Jonathan before him.

Then and Now

Man, I wish we had had the camera with us. There were so many people getting such amazing pictures.
I have since then discovered that, according to the National Enquirer and his supposed ex-boyfriend, he might be gay. This might explain a lot of things in my life, but because I loved him and therefore always will love him, I hope that he is not.

Anyhow, so the concert was FANTASTIC!!!! Good times were had, and I was thrilled that it was being recorded for the webcast. Because this means that some day it may be released on DVD. I can only keep my fingers crossed.


So, one of the absolute greatest things about being home in Louisiana again was getting to spend time with the greatest of all kitty cats, my cat, the one and only Zedster Thadeus Bartholomieu Baker.

Isn't he gorgeous? Go be friends with him on facebook!

In general, aside from Zedster, there are three dogs that live out at the house:
Bugly, Buddy, and Bella

along with two cats:

Tattoo and Tigger

Zedster. it has always been known, HATES other cats. One time, Cathryn tried to leave a beautiful black kitty with us (=me and my ex-roomie Phil in Montreal) until she would be living in a place where she was allowed to have it. Well, Zedster went absolutely nutso. I swear he didn't stop hissing for at least 3 days, and only then because he had scared the poor thing off, never to be seen again. While living with us, the black cat took up residence on the highest possible shelf in the house, knowing that Zedster was sitting at the bottom hissing and waiting, gracefully sharpening his claws just in case the black cat ever risked coming down, say, to eat or something.

No surprise whatsoever, therefore, that he didn't take one bit to Tigger and Tattoo. While they are very curious about Zedster, Zedster has NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in them, except when it comes to making sure they stay far away from the area that he deems to be his home.

Knowing just how strong and majestic and, well, up for a fight, he is, though, it DID come as surprise that he is DEATHLY afraid of the dogs. He won't go anywhere near them. He has taken up residence in a little garden behind the house, as far away as possible from the huge woods in front of the house in which the dogs spend most of their time. He won't go anywhere near the front of the house, and every time he hears barking, his hides and cowers, trying to make himself invisible in the flower pot he calls his bed.

He is so skittish now that he doesn't even seem to like people anymore. He used to be a mega people person. He used to play scarf - where he would crawl up a person and cuddle himself around their neck. So adorable, even if the claws did sometimes make it unpleasant. It's weird how he's no longer so into people. On one of the rare occasions that he let me hold him, I for some reason made the mistake of bringing him out front near the dogs. I don't think I had in my life heard a noise as blood-curdling as the yowl that Zeddyface let out when faced with the dogs. It was so frightening that I managed to drop him and then not see him again for a good day. ::sadness::

Anyhow, that doesn't change the fact that it was great to see him. And that I am sure he is happier living there than he would be living here in a small apartment in Paris with no access to grass or sun whatsoever. It's hard enough for me as it is.

Right, well, I was just going to say one small word about my cat and then start writing about my vacation, but this has now turned into a monologe about little Zeddely Weddely, so it looks like vacation writing will have to wait until next time. Lots of fun pictures to come!!!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday to me!!!!


N.B. It's actually August 24 right now, 21 whole days after my August 3 birthday, but I haven't had any real access to the internet in over a month, and so I wasn't able to post on my birthday (or any other day for that matter - thus the no posting since July 16 thing). Now, though, I am back and settled in France, and I look forward to writing about and posting pictures of all of my summer adventures!!!! Good times have been had!