Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Things to Come

So a LOT has happened since I last wrote (as usual, I'm pretty awful at the regular updates - this time it's exceptionally awful, though, as it's been over 3 months. Sorry!).

The biggest piece of news, which those of you that know me in life pretty much all already know, is that I have left Japan (I assure you, it was NOT easy) and moved back to Montreal.

It's cold here. And snowy. I don't remember there ever having been this much snow when I lived here before. For serious, there are places where it's literally piled up taller than I am. And, though it's a little bit warmer today (9 degrees fahrenheit, -13 celsius), it was a whopping -10 F (that's -23 C, for serious) when I first got back. I had to venture outside to do some grocery shopping and pick something up from the post office, and I am totally serious when I say that my nose hairs actually froze. Yeah, it was awesome.

I have been tutoring part-time (in math, French, English, etc...) while looking for a job here, but I don't really know what I want to do yet (maybe teach math, if someone will hire me to do so), so the job hunt isn't really going so fabulously. If anyone reading this has something they would like to pay me to do, don't hesitate to send an e-mail my way!!!! :-) (That may sound like a joke, but I'm actually serious)

Other than that, I have lots of things to write about:
-the rest of my vacation with Guillaume in Japan
-the end of my time in Japan
-Thanksgiving in Louisiana
-Christmas in Louisiana
-all the cooking I've been doing in Montreal

And that's what you can expect in soon to come updates in Brizmus Around the World. Yeah!