Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doing the Colorado (Taylor Swift) Louisiana Thing

So, last time I wrote, I wrote about things in Japan, but the time before I hadn't finished writing about my trip to the states, so I think it's time to do that now. :-)

After California, I hopped on a plane with Kristen and Shawn (it really wasn't as easy as hopping on a plane - I swear the whole flying thing gets more and more ridiculous every time I go home. Talk about taking away our right to privacy), and headed on over to Colorado. I was super excited to get to hang out in Kristen's classroom and and to get to meet all of her new students and see some of her students from last year.

And then, Kristen and I went with Krist's friend Katie and her daughter Riley to see TAYLOR SWIFT!

Katie had found this wooden rooster and decided that she needed to bring it with her everywhere. So that's J-Z the wooden rooster in the picture with us.

Taylor Swift was absolutely AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! And her voice was just as sweet and princess-like as ever.

She sang MOST (unfortunately not ALL of them, but I guess that just means I'll have to see her again) of my favorite songs, and it was more like a Cirque du Soleil type thing than a concert. She changed outfits between every song, and there were acrobats or dancers and stories that seemed to go with every song. I think my favorite was Haunted, when she was banging this huge bell and her hair was flying all manically around her. It was just amazing!

Anyhow, so Taylor Swift was awesome, and I had a GREAT time hanging out with Krist and Shawn. Unfortunately, it was over way too quickly, and before I knew it I was on a plane to Louisiana.

Louisiana was fabulous, though I unfortunately didn't really have all that much free time, as I had doctor's appointments every single day. I did get to hang out with Donald and Christine, though, and with Russell and Miranda and Tyrone. And plus I got to meet Mom's new boyfriend!

Mom and I took a trip to Lafayette to see Aunt Debbie and Brittni on my first day back! It was super fun! Brittni's already in college, and she seems to be doing great! Mom and I just about to start our journey.

Mom had a lunch, so I decided to give Russell and Miranda their wedding present. This is them. Perhaps you'll notice how the knives have Baker carved into them in Japanese.

Tyrone, Miranda, Christine, Donald, me

Tyrone loves me!

Dad and Tina also gave me a shopping spree at this really cute store in Alexandria for my birthday, so I went and picked out lots of fun sweaters! Yay! I've been wearing all of them all the time, and every time I do, I get compliments! It's fabulous! Then we had a birthday dinner for me over there, and Tina made the most DELICIOUS chocolate pecan pie with my favorite - polenta stuffed butternut squash. Talk about yummy!

And then it was already time to head back to Japan.
Good times were had, and it seems like it's almost already time to head back for Christmas. YAY CHRISTMAS!!!! I can't believe how excited I already am about it! :-)