Monday, June 09, 2014

Here Comes Summer

So, summer is finally here, and I've finally got a minute to think about things other than just WORK all the time. People have always told me that I'm a crazy workaholic - I've never believed them, thinking that I might just be one of the laziest beings on the face of this Earth.

If the past 5 years of my life are any testament to my character, though, I think I might finally have to admit that "they" are right, and I am wrong. My name is Audrey, and I am a workaholic. The good news is, I totally ADORE my job, teaching math to 17 and 18 (and 19 and 20 and even a 22) year olds. I'm going to mega miss my students. :-P I have to say, though, it's kind of nice to have over 2 months of summer break from work in my immediate future. With the arrival of summer, I find that I have this song constantly stuck in my head:

I do love the Yum Yums! For the record, Goldmine magazine ranked their album, " good music" as number 1 of 2013. Norwegian power pop beat out even Paul McCartney - how cool is that?!? I would totally die of happiness to see them live - come to Montreal????

Anyhow, so yeah, it's summer, and I've got big summer plans. For those of you that don't know yet, this is what my summer is going to look like: -right now, I'm in Louisiana. I've been here since last Tuesday, and I'm leaving Wednesday.
-Malaysia from June 13 to June 30 (I leave the morning of June 11th to arrive on the 13th - I will be traveling FOREVER!!!!)

-Paris July 1, 2, 3
-Denmark July 3-8
-Luxembourg July 8-10
-Belgium July 10-14
-Jackson Hole, Wyoming (with the fam!!!!) July 14-21

After that, things are still up in the air. I am HOPING to head to Japan from July 21st to August 4th or 5th - I'll spend about a week in the Nagoya area before heading up to Akita and Aomori then spend my last two days or so in Tokyo. I guess I'll know tomorrow if that's really happening. If it doesn't happen, I'll either head straight back to Montreal or to Louisiana. I realllllly want to go to Japan, though, so hopefully that works out! :-)

If you're going to be in any of the places where I am going to be, let me know - I'm sure I'd love to see you! :-)

I am PLANNING on blogging my way through summer (I know, we all know how my plans for blogging always turn out), so check back sometimes to see if that actually happens. :-)

ALSO, I've decided to attempt to do the 100 Happy Days thing. I think the tag line should actually be called "Do you have the discipline to post a picture every day for 100 days straight?" as opposed to "Can you be happy for 100 days straight?" I'm doing my best - if you want to see what makes me happy every days, follow me on instagram (or tumblr or facebook)!

And that's all for now, folks! And, if anyone's interested, this is what I listened to/watched while composing this entry:

For serious, Kepi Ghoulie has to be one of the coolest dudes ever.