Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Okay, so it's a day late, but Happy Valentine's Day, anyway!

Before I write about mine, I'm going to try to update really quickly about everything else that has been happening. I feel like it's sort of all old news now, so it will be "tres vite fait."

Also, before anything, my photo program seems to be bugging. I've managed to add some pictures, but no albums for time being. Eventually, I will be adding a link to an album of New Kids on the Block pictures, at the very least. :-)

Our Stockings!

Guillaume and I had a GREAT (if very late) Christmas together - I got lots of fun presents, including a Nintendo DS with New Super Mario Brothers and a special thing for me to download games on. Guillaume is now wondering if it was a bad decision to offer me said DS, given that I haven't stopped playing since. I have finished Mystery Detective and recently become obsessed with Zelda, and I have decided that I absolutely MUST obtain Zelda for the Wii.

I gave Guillaume, amoung other things, a deep fryer that uses only one tablespoon of oil, because he had been talking about it for ages. It's a weird gift, I know, but I hope he liked it nonetheless.

Neil and I at Sacre Coeur
Somehow, this is the only picture I have of the two of us together

Then, a couple weekends ago, Neil came for a visit - he had been working with some guy in Rome, so he decided to come hang out here for the weekend. YAY! It was so good to get to hang out with him. We did lots of touristy things. We actually walked up the Eiffel Tower - it was the first time I had done that, and I enjoyed my experience at the top MUCH more than I did the other time I went up, when it was FREEZING! We also walked around EVERYWHERE - to City Hall, Notre Dame, St-Michel, l'Arc de Triomphe, les Champs Elysees. With Guillaume, we went to Sacre Coeur and then walked around Montmartre, where we had lunch in an adorable little vegetarian restaurant. Everything is so cutesy there. We also went over to Place de la Concorde and walked around Les Tuileries.

On Sunday, Margaret re arrived in France (she will be here on and off pretty much until July - I am super psyched!), while Neil was still here, so we made some delicious African peanut soup and a chocolate chip cake (to celebrate Neil's birthday, which had been just a couple of days before) and had a delicious dinner! YUM!

Getting ready for the New Kids on the Block!

Then the Wednesday after, Marybeth, Guillaume, and I went to see the New Kids on the Block!!!! YAY!!!! It was sooooo much fun! The show was a little bit different than the one I saw in NYC. They played mostly the same songs, but some of them were different, and it was set up a bit differently. I just don't know what I will do if I never get to see them again. Die of sadness, perhaps. I brought a New Kids on the Block shirt for Marybeth, and I wore my super old (and way too small for me) New Kids on the Block sweatshirt. I was interviewd by Les 20 Minutes, and they took lots of pictures of me. From what I gather, though, I didn't actually make it into the magazine. :-( I guess I didn't have the right stuff (credit to Guillaume).

Since the New Kids on the Block, things have been good. I actually got interviewed by another video show thing, Cap 24, the other day about the book I was reading on the metro ("Plum Wine" by Angela Davis-Gardner - my grandmother gave it to me as part of my Christmas gift, and I am loving it!) - once again, I didn't make the cut, and I'm sure it had something to do with how completely inarticulate I was because I was so nervous.

My mother, sister, and grandmother are also going to be visiting me at the end of March/beginning of April, and I am SUPER psyched about that!!!! We are probably going to go to Annecy to spend some time in the north of Provence for the first few days of their visit. YAY!!!!

An Cafe

Oh, and also, AN CAFE, my absolute favorite visual kei band from Japan is going to be playing here in Paris the week before they come. I am more than beyond psyched about this, because I love love LOVE them.

Okay, that's all for now, folks. Be tuned next time for pictures and Valentine's Day with Guillaume!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

So Little Time, So Much to Write

I don't know where all of my time has gone lately. Before Christmas, I feel like I just had non-stop free time for doing all of the lazy lounge around the house things that I do. If you asked me when I was free during the week, the answer would be "Whenever I'm not working." It's hard to say what's changed, but now I feel like I'm pretty much constantly "go go go." I'm even behind with Meg Cabot's blog, which pretty much never happens. I have three or four entries that I just haven't gotten around to reading. Is this some semblance of an active social life slowly creeping up on me with my noticing? I blame the Q-Link that my father gave me for Christmas. I have been wearing it every day since, and suddenly I have this endless well of energy. It's amazing. I have become a hardcore advocate.

Anyhow, today Guillaume and I are heading out to his parents's house for lunch and for hanging out with his brother, Romain, and Guillaume is mad at me right now because instead of getting ready I am putting pictures on my computer and listening to the New Kids on the Block.
So, in the coming future, I am absolutely going to try to bring this up to date so I can write about the small things.
What you guys have to look forward to:
Christmas with Guillaume
Neil visits
Margaret arrives

And that's all for now, folks!