Saturday, February 07, 2009

So Little Time, So Much to Write

I don't know where all of my time has gone lately. Before Christmas, I feel like I just had non-stop free time for doing all of the lazy lounge around the house things that I do. If you asked me when I was free during the week, the answer would be "Whenever I'm not working." It's hard to say what's changed, but now I feel like I'm pretty much constantly "go go go." I'm even behind with Meg Cabot's blog, which pretty much never happens. I have three or four entries that I just haven't gotten around to reading. Is this some semblance of an active social life slowly creeping up on me with my noticing? I blame the Q-Link that my father gave me for Christmas. I have been wearing it every day since, and suddenly I have this endless well of energy. It's amazing. I have become a hardcore advocate.

Anyhow, today Guillaume and I are heading out to his parents's house for lunch and for hanging out with his brother, Romain, and Guillaume is mad at me right now because instead of getting ready I am putting pictures on my computer and listening to the New Kids on the Block.
So, in the coming future, I am absolutely going to try to bring this up to date so I can write about the small things.
What you guys have to look forward to:
Christmas with Guillaume
Neil visits
Margaret arrives

And that's all for now, folks!

3 things said:

Ariane said...

Hey pretty!
I soooo understand you. I barely have time to keep my blog up to date! I'm working every weekends and on week nights... homework!
Can't wai for other news!

kristen said... little time...i miss the old MK&A!!

Anonymous said...

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