Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!
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After Sarah's wedding, it was home for some last minute Christmas shopping and a mega wrapping frenzy - it was supposed to be a Kristen/Audrey wrapping frenzy, but last minute plans with Mom to see Four Christmases (just the three of us - yay!), which, by the way, was fantastic, combined with other weird things made it so that we were very rarely actually wrapping together.

Christmas Eve ended up being quite sad this year, because Uncle Paul had been having some health problems, and so, for the very first time in my entire life, the Christmas Eve party at Aunt Betty's was canceled. It was SO sad. So we decided to go see the family Christmas movie (we saw Yes, Man) on Christmas Eve, since it was looking like there somehow wouldn't be time on Christmas day.

After dinner chez Dad and Tina, we headed out to Deville. I gave the boys their birthday gifts:

farting gnomes that, for some reason, sadly, don't fart.

and we all (all = Kristen, Russell, Miranda, Donald, Missi, Anthony, Tyrone, and me) packed ourselves into an upstairs room and watched "the Magic Snowman." It was late, so I think I unfortunately slept through quite a bit of it. :-( Kristen actually remembered it this year, though. YAY!!!! I really think that it should be the Christmas movie every year.

Then we woke up the next morning, and it was CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The siblings and I all exchanged gifts!

Have you seen this Killer?

Bob Marley

Then we woke up Mom (we actually woke up kind of late, since Kristen and I had to sleep with Anthony, and he kept crying and waking us up, and so Mom was just getting up when we got up), and it was time for stockings!

We had a great time opening presents, and I think we all LOVED everything we got! Mom also loved all of her presents! YAY! And for afterwards, she had made us a delicious breakfast - a quiche for the people that eat that kind of thing and delicious grits with fruit salad for those that don't (me). It was quite funny, because there were blackberries in the fruit salad, and Anthony kept pointing and thinking he wanted some. So we would give him one, and he would put it in his mouth and go "ew" and spit it out. Over and over again. Cute.

Christmas chez Mom

When we left Mom's, we headed out to Aunt Betty's to meet up with Dad and Tina. It was good to at least get to see her. Especially with all she was going through with Uncle Paul. Then we headed out to Dad's where the Christmas celebrations chez him began!

Dad and Tina modeling their new shirts

As usual, Dad got out the video camera, and he filmed us all being goofy entering. Anthony had a great time playing in Kristen's new boots. We had a fantastic time opening presents, and yet again, I think we were all super psyched about all of our new things! YAY for Christmas!!!!
I'm sad, though, because my camera started acting up towards the end, and so the last pictures are blurry, and there aren't very many of them. :-( Perhaps SOMEONE would like to send me there pictures (since I am being so good about posting all of my pictures so quickly - hm hm!)

After the celebrations around the Christmas tree, Tina had prepared us the most DELICIOUS dinner of beets and brocolli and cauliflower and risotto and asparagus and stuffed mushrooms and I'm sure there were other things as well that I'm just not remembering because of how pleasantly STUFFED I was afterwards.
Food, food, delicious food!

Anyhow, so that was Christmas with the Baker kids this year.
If you didn't click on the picture up top to see all of the pictures, click on on of the trees below!

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I love your Cristmas post!

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You know I mean Christmas