Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long time, no post

Yesterday morning, I made cinnammon rolls with a slight change from
this recipe. I didn't have any margarine, and thus the necessity for change. They were SO delicious - eaten with clementines; delectable! For anyone that hasn't eaten cinnamon rolls in a long time, I highly recommend them.

Anyhow, I know I know, it has been AGES since my last post. You guys had all probably given up on me. It's hard to post when I'm not at home with my own computer and everything. Never fear, though, I am back, and hopefully you can expect lots of posts in the coming future. To make up for my lengthy absence.

I suppose the first thing that I have to write about is Sarah's wedding. I arrived in New Orleans on a Thursday, and Chase picked me up from the airport. It was SOOOO good to see her. It had been AGES, and it was great finally getting to catch up with her and everything. We shared a hotel room, and it really felt like I got an old friend back. Unfortunately, I somehow ended up with no photos of us together. :-(

On Friday, Chase and I hung out and did a bit of shopping, and then Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. Luckily, Sarah had informed them that there would be a vegan, and so I had food. I got to hang out with all the other bridesmaids, and it was actually really cool to see Puja Verma (a girl who was at school with us from kindergarten to 8th grade) and Elizabeth Michelle (one of Sarah's good friends from boarding school with us). The dinner was lovely, in this really OLD New Orleans style restaurants, and lots of speeches were given. Sarah's dad gave this HILARIOUS speech about how Sarah desperately wanted a little sister, and so her mother had Bobby. I gave a speech about how I am sad that my name will no longer rhyme with her last name. It was hard for me, and I was ridiculously over nervous about it. It was especially cool, though, to get to hang out with Shaan and Bobby.

Then on Saturday Chase and I got lunch with Shaan and his girlfriend (whom I absolutely LOVED - I hope I'll get to hang out with her next time I'm home). Afterwards the I hung out with Sarah and the bridesmaids in her hotel room, helping her get ready.

Sarah, Audrey, and the other bridesmaids (Laura and Amanda missing)

Then my Mom arrived, and I was thrilled to discover that my dress looked like all the others (I had to get it special made because she chose a silk dress, and I don't wear silk). My mom did my hair and helped me to get ready (we put the dress on backwards first, and it took AGES to figure out what was wrong with it). I am SO glad that my Mom got to come to the wedding!!!! :-)
The wedding was beautiful, and then the reception was also fantastic. No one had been informed that there would be a vegan there, but I talked to the chef, and he worked something out for me, so I was able to eat. There was lots of dancing to Indian music, and Sarah came out dressed in her Mom's old wedding dress. Unfortunately, no pictures got taken on my camera of the wedding itself or of the reception, so I have none. :-(

The next morning, there was a brunch, and I spent the whole time hanging out with Shaan, Bobby, Bobby's friend, and Sam (Shaan's girlfriend), and I had a great time. Aside from the fact that I was starving because no one had mentioned that there would be a vegan, and even the salad was already covered with non-vegan croutons and bacon.
After the brunch, it was all over, and we headed on up to central Louisiana, and Sarah and Ravi headed off to India.

Mrs. Sarah Chaudhry Sangisetti and Mr. Ravi Sangisetti

So that was Sarah's wedding. Next time I write, I am psyched that it will get to be about CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Christmas!

A couple last pictures to end this entry.

Audrey and Guillaume wearing Tihomir Marinkovic masks

4 things said:

Ariane said...

Audrey!!! I'm soooo glad to hear about you! It's been quiet a while! But I totally understand that when you're not at home, in your own things, it's harder to blog...
Well for France it's not settled yet, I can have vacation pretty easily at my job, but the thing is Bertrand... if he gets a job and he doesn't have any vacation, we can't go... so nothings done, but we hope very much that we could go!!! I would be thrilled to see you and Guillaume!!!!!
Oh, and send me your adress, I can make you a beret (totally acrylic, no wool at all promise! I know the comittment of veganism!) and send it to you! Just tell me which color!

Sarah said...

Aw Audster! It was so good to read how the wedding went for you! I loved having you there, it makes it so special. And it's great to see all your pictures and know what's going on with you - if only I could find you! Where in the world is my AEB??

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