Friday, August 28, 2009

Stateside: Cathryn

After the fantastic New Kids on the Block concert and the fantastic weekend in Dallas with the fam, it was time for me to head down to San Francisco to spend some much needed time with my BEST FRIEND EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Cathryn - also known as Spiggy. I honestly can't even remember the last time we got to spend some real quality time together.

After a brief trauma at the airport (we somehow managed to be waiting for each other for over an hour in different terminals - I have to admit that I was freaking out a bit), the fun began!!!! First in San Antonio, and then she drove me back over to Louisiana.
We seriously had a GREAT time together just talking and eating delicious vegan food (isn't it awesome that my best friend since I was 7 and my boyfriend are both vegans like I am?!?)and watching movies and exploring San Antonio, of course, making a New Kids on the Block music video.

One of the movies we saw, Sugar Sweet, was a Japanese movie about a lesbian film maker, and I seriously think it might be one of the worst movies I have ever seen and actually pseudo enjoyed- on a totally DIFFERENT level than Sheitan - see previous entry - which was definitely worse since Sugar Sweet was actually slightly entertaining at least. But whoever decided on the music for this movie (and the dialogue and what would happen in the tordid twisted sex scenes, for that matter) definitely had something, well, interesting going on in their head. Apparently it's also the first Japanese movie ever about lesbians. Cool.

Now, I am sure you are wondering what I meant when I said: making a New Kids on the Block music video. Well, we decided that, to amuse ourselves, we should make a music video of one of the awesomest songs of all time, "Cover Girl." Unfortunately, it is I who has all of the separate clips that we made and who is supposed to compile them all together to make the song. And since I have been basically computerless for the past month, this still has not happened. When it does finally happen, though, I will be sure to post it. Or at least a link to it. In the meantime, PICTURES!!!! And I'll let you, the reader, draw your own conculsions about some of them.


Anyhow, aside from that, it was just really cool getting to hang out with my bestest friend ever again. And I was so psyched to get to meet her pseudo boyfriend and to get to see some of the people and places that I am always hearing her talk about. I wish we could hang out more often. CATHRYN!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! And you'd better be thankful that I didn't post a certain picture of you (with a certain object) that I am still just DYING to post.

3 things said:

Spiggy said...

I don't mind if you show people, I just don't want it on the internet!

I had such a great time, I have fun all the time, but with you it's fun on a completely different level. Nothing else can match the level of fun that I experience when our powers combine. I mean, just look at the expressions of fun on our faces in those pictures! hahaha

Love you!

Spiggy said...

Why do I sometimes show up as "Cathryn" and sometimes as "Spiggy"? I don't understand it at all...

This blog thing is so confusing. LJ was so much simpler.

Spiggy said...

I just noticed that the background on your blog has a skull with a pacifier in its mouth. That's just weird =p