Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stateside: Rigolette Bayou Inernational Wakeboarding Tournament

NOTE: All pictures stolen from my dear sister, Kristen.

Me and Kristen on Jubilee!!!!

After Cathryn left, I am sure that I WOULD have been devestated, but there really just wasn't time. Because they very next day, I was a judge in the Rigolette Bayou International Wakeboarding Tournament (thus making it international).

Renee and I were the judges (they needed me to make it international). Unfortunately, this year, some of the participants had to WORK and therefore couldn't participate, so it was just Kristen, David, and Charlie. There were some great costumes - Kristen dressed up as the statue of liberty, David dressed up as a rock star, and CHarlie dressed up as, um, a wakeboarding priest transvestite? We weren't sure what he was going for. I don't think even he was sure.
We also saw some great moves, especially when Kristen and Charlie went out together!!
(picture of Kristen and Charlie out together to come later, because I can't seem to find it right now. booo!!)
At one point in time, even Mom came out on the boat, which was super exciting!!

And when Sherra (that's Shawn=Kristen's husband's sister) and her boyfriend came out, she helped me and Renee judge, and then we decided to have a judge's mini tournament. So I went out for the first time in I don't even know HOW long, and on my very first go, I not only got up, but I JUMPED, and I LANDED it!!!! It was only a ont time thing, as I fell every other time I tried, but still, how AMAZING is that?!?

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of me in the air. :-(
Anyhow, it was great fun, and when we got home, Renee and I made certificates for David, Kristen, and Charlie with all of the awards that the won. Good times were, indeed, had.

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