Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off to La Frette and Even More Birthday!!!!

So, when we got back to France, our vacation was theoretically over, but Guillaume still had a few days before he had to head back to work, so we decided to head out to Guillaume's parents house in La Frette Sur Seine. In order to have some calm down time and, of course, to enjoy their new swimming pool.

Guillaume's parent's house is amazing!

We had a great time taking pictures of ourselves from underwater

I love that Guillaume's camera is waterproof!

And with the amazing view from his parent's swimming pool

That's the Seine behind me!

We watched movies and ate delicious food and all in all had a wonderful and relaxing time, which was just what we needed after our nonstop go vacation.

When we got back to Paris, we finally found time for the two of us to celebrate my birthday together. After some trouble, Guillaume made me a delicious cauliflower casserole for dinner, along with these potato pakora gallette things that would have been DELICIOUS had there not been too much turmeric in them. And I FINALLY got to open my presents! YAY!!!!

Good times were had, and I got some great presents. Unfortunately, the return to Paris didn't just mean getting to finally celebrate my birthday together. It also meant that Guillaume had to return to work. ::sadness:: Which indicated the end of our summer vacation.

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Mary Anne Gruen said...

I'm sorry your vacation had to end. It sounds wonderful and the pictures are great! Especially Guillaume's parent's home. It's very romantic and looks like it should be in a movie!

guillaume said...

boo return to work

Spiggy said...

I'm very glad you finally got to relax after your non-stop vacationing. Even vacationing can sometimes be stressful because you have to see absolutely everything!

PS how come I can follow your books blog but I can't follow your cheese-legs blog? When I click on "subscribe" and it says I'm subscribed to you but nothing really ever happens.

I like the follow option better because then it shows up in my dashboard thingy...

Either way, you rock and I love hearing about your life =)

brizmus said...

Thanks for the comment, Mary Anne (what an awesome Babysitters Club name!). The house really does look like it should be in a movie.

And Catramokey, I'm going to add the followers button to the other blog so you can try to join it that way. It's weird because it says you already follow. Hmmmm. . . .

Ariane said...

Guillaume est plein au as ma parole!