Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vegan Voyager: Prague

Well, after leaving the states, I headed back to France, where I stayed for approximately 2 whole days before packing up and leaving again. After all, Guillaume and I had a summer vacation to take together.
And the first stop on that vacation was Prague!

Me and Guillaume on the Charles Bridge

Now, Prague. . .well, I had already been there once before with Pat and Marika, but I was excited to have an opportunity to return with Guillaume.
This means, though, that I have now been to Prague TWICE, and THIS is the closest I have come to seeing an actual Golem:

Seriously. . .I thought the Czech Republic, and especially Prague, is supposed to be known for its golems.
Despite not seeing a real golem, this statue did manage to cause some negativity.
After seeing the golem, we went into an internet cafe to send a quick e-mail to let our guesthouse know that we were going to arrive later in Vienna than expected. *I* for some reason had the camera. . . and anyone who knows me knows that allowing me to hold onto the camera is a BAD IDEA, as I proved once again. Because after we left the internet cafe, we arrived at the statue on the left. I thought it was cool, and I wanted to take a picture of it. Guess what?!? We couldn't find the camera. We hastily made our way back to the internet cafe (which was HARD in Prague, with the windy streets everywhere) and considered ourselves very lucky when the camera was still sitting there right where I had left it.

Oddly enough, my favorite thing in Prague wasn't in any of the guidebooks. When I had gone with Pat and Marika, we passed by it, and I was just super impressed. I wanted to show Guillaume, but no one seemed to know about it, and we couldn't find anything written about it in our Central Europe Lonely Planet. Luckily, I was able to find it by memory. These buildings are supposed to resemble Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger. I just thin k it is such a unique and cool concept; to have the design of buildings be based on a dance and people.

Prague was actually kind of amazing for vegan restaurants. We went to one, Lehka Hlava - Clear Head, where we managed to find a vegan dish that Guillaume swears was almost exactly like Pasta Carbonara, which was his favorite food before he became a vegan. It was a little bit expensive, but it was so delicious we actually went twice.
There was another, Country Life, that was ridiculously expensive and actually kind of disgusting. It was a weigh your own food place, so it shouldn't have been expensive. And then some of the food looked delicious, but none of it actually was.
Then we went ot a place called Veg Food, one of the many restaurants being opened recently associated with the Supreme Master. It was incredibly delicious, and I wish it were in Paris.

Aside from that, the Prague castle was cool, and I was absolutely fascinated to see an actual blacksmith at work. And then the astronomical clock, which I actually got to see in action this time, was really cool.
All in all, we had a great time in Prague.

Click on any of the pictures to go to the album where you will find lots more photos. Or, if that doesn't work for you, click the link: Prague Summer 2009.
We took 155, but I managed to pick out only 58 for the album! Go me! I have a feeling it will be a little more difficult than that for the other countries.

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Spiggy said...

I LOVE that the buildings are dancing with each other!! What a great and exciting life you lead!

Neil O said...

"...with Pat and Marika..."!?!?! Ahem!

Neil O said...

Oh wait, I'm getting confused with Vienna. Never mind :-P. I love Prague though.