Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, one of the absolute greatest things about being home in Louisiana again was getting to spend time with the greatest of all kitty cats, my cat, the one and only Zedster Thadeus Bartholomieu Baker.

Isn't he gorgeous? Go be friends with him on facebook!

In general, aside from Zedster, there are three dogs that live out at the house:
Bugly, Buddy, and Bella

along with two cats:

Tattoo and Tigger

Zedster. it has always been known, HATES other cats. One time, Cathryn tried to leave a beautiful black kitty with us (=me and my ex-roomie Phil in Montreal) until she would be living in a place where she was allowed to have it. Well, Zedster went absolutely nutso. I swear he didn't stop hissing for at least 3 days, and only then because he had scared the poor thing off, never to be seen again. While living with us, the black cat took up residence on the highest possible shelf in the house, knowing that Zedster was sitting at the bottom hissing and waiting, gracefully sharpening his claws just in case the black cat ever risked coming down, say, to eat or something.

No surprise whatsoever, therefore, that he didn't take one bit to Tigger and Tattoo. While they are very curious about Zedster, Zedster has NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in them, except when it comes to making sure they stay far away from the area that he deems to be his home.

Knowing just how strong and majestic and, well, up for a fight, he is, though, it DID come as surprise that he is DEATHLY afraid of the dogs. He won't go anywhere near them. He has taken up residence in a little garden behind the house, as far away as possible from the huge woods in front of the house in which the dogs spend most of their time. He won't go anywhere near the front of the house, and every time he hears barking, his hides and cowers, trying to make himself invisible in the flower pot he calls his bed.

He is so skittish now that he doesn't even seem to like people anymore. He used to be a mega people person. He used to play scarf - where he would crawl up a person and cuddle himself around their neck. So adorable, even if the claws did sometimes make it unpleasant. It's weird how he's no longer so into people. On one of the rare occasions that he let me hold him, I for some reason made the mistake of bringing him out front near the dogs. I don't think I had in my life heard a noise as blood-curdling as the yowl that Zeddyface let out when faced with the dogs. It was so frightening that I managed to drop him and then not see him again for a good day. ::sadness::

Anyhow, that doesn't change the fact that it was great to see him. And that I am sure he is happier living there than he would be living here in a small apartment in Paris with no access to grass or sun whatsoever. It's hard enough for me as it is.

Right, well, I was just going to say one small word about my cat and then start writing about my vacation, but this has now turned into a monologe about little Zeddely Weddely, so it looks like vacation writing will have to wait until next time. Lots of fun pictures to come!!!!

2 things said:

Ariane said...

Audrey! Zedster!
I remember him. Always sitting on my lap. So cudly! But now...
I remember the black kitty cat your friend left at your appartment on Cartier. We were searching in the back alley for it...

Cathryn said...

Poor Joan!

I'm glad I got to spend some time with you while you were home!