Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go Ghent!!!!

This is the awesomest -

If you don't feel like reading it, a brief summary: Ghent, a small city in Belgium, has instated a weekly veggie day. This basically means that all civil servants and government officials will opt for vegetarian meals one specified day of the week. In September, school children will follow suit. And while I'm guessing that what goes on at the homes of the school children can't be controlled, this means that school cafeterias will offer 100% vegetarian meals at least one day of every week. SOOOOO COOOOOOLLLLL!!!! I am SO proud of Ghent! I just hope that there will also be vegan options. Because they are doing this to try to recognize the impact that livestock has on the environment. And guess what - milk also comes from livestock.
Anyhow, I am SO proud of Ghent!

In other news, I finished and loved the book that I was reading!
the Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards
**** 1/2 (4 1/2)
I LOVED this book. It was beautiful and poetic. Each passage was written with so much love that I couldn't help but wonder how she managed to write a whole book's worth of such passages. Kim Edwards delves into and explores what it really means to love and how different people go about loving. This is so vague, something no one really understands, and yet I got the feeling that she really does understand. She also explores people's motivations for doing the things they do, and she manages to find reason without taking away from spontaneity. In a way, though, she goes too far, giving clear reasons when the characters probably had no real reasons.
Again, I repeat, I loved this book. But it's kind of a downer of a book, so it may not be for everyone. After all, it's about a family based on a lie: the father giving away the daughter because she has Down syndrome and then claiming she died. And about the woman who raises the not dead daughter.

I was reading this during my lunch break in front of all of the other teachers at one of the schools I work at, and I couldn't help myself. I just burst into tears. It was kind of embarrassing.

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