Saturday, July 03, 2010


So, I'm on break right now, and I have been having a FABULOUS time traveling around a bit with Rachel and Josh, who are here visiting. But I will get to that in a while.

The last week of the term was actually sort-of sad. On Wednesday, we had our very last day of dance classs.

Jenny-Lyn, me, and Jin Han with our last group of dance class teachers

I'm so sad that it's over. Despite being a completely awkward, totally uncoordinated human being, I had a totally great time. Now I've got to take up something else, and I'm thinking maybe kendo.

On Thursday, we took our final test. The listening part was actually quite difficult. I ended up doing pretty good (94% if I recall correctly), but for once I wasn't SURE that I was going to. On the writing part, I made a few stupid mistakes, but I still got a 98%, so ROCK! :-)

After class, Alexis, Martin, and I went and hung out with Jenny-Lyn down at the river. She's leaving, headed to Australia, and not coming back for next term, so it was sort-of our Jenny-Lyn goodbye get-together, since it was the last time Martin would see her. So sad! :-( Jenny-Lyn, you will be missed!

Martin, Jenny-Lyn, Alexis, me!

Then, Andrea from our class is also leaving, heading back to Italy, so Alexis and I went and met up with him and a bunch of people from our class for Andrea's goodbye dinner.

Andrea, me, Alexis

I had a great time, actually, despite the fact that pretty much everyone was drunk wheen we got there and well, let's just say, being a non-drinker and observing, I felt sorry for the waitress.

John, Ii, and (a falling asleep) Ken

Still, it was great fun. I really do love hanging out with the people in my class. I'm really curious as to who will end up being in my class next term. I kind of wish I could know already!

On Friday, we had the going away ceremony, and everyone that was leaving had to give a speech. I really only knew two of the people leaving (and sort-of knew a third), but, me being me, when we got into the speeches of the upper class people, most of whom had been here for quite a long time, I found myself getting all teary eyed. Because some of them were teary eyed and obviously not wanting to leave, and so I just felt so sad for them! The empathy thing, yknow. . .

After the speeches, we went out with Suzuki-sensei and Sakakibara-sensei, our two main teachers from class. I ended up sitting at a table with Suzuki-sensei, Martin, and Andrea, and I talked a lot (in 日本語, of course) to Suzuki-sensei, and I discovered that I actually really like her. Right at the end when she will no longer be my teacher - perfect timing, right?

On Friday night, I went to Jenny-Lyn's actual goodbye get-togeter at Zig Zag, the school bar. I had a great time; we met a bunch of people and played cards for a super long time, which made me super happy, as I love playing cards and yet I never get to because no one ever wants to (and in any case, I can never rememeber how to play any of the games I like).

Unfortunately, I was also sort-of stressed, because Rachel and Josh were supposed to be coming in, but their flight had been delayed by 6 hours, and I was waiting for their call to see if they were going to get in on time for us to make our flight into Tokushima the next morning.
They finally called at around midnight; they were having to sleep in Tokyo and would theoretically be getting in the next morning with just enough time to make our connecting flight.

And that is another story for another time. Now, I'm headed to Tokyo to finish up the awesomeness of this vacation thing! :-) I'll be sure to write all about it when I get back!

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Ariane said...

Wow. wow wow wow. Your life is so awesome.

I have a question for you: what did you do to teach english in France? I need info! :-D

Cleverly Inked said...

You sure look like you are enjoying yourself. I hope all things are well. Sorry I have not forgotten about you. I have been off doing family things.