Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I went to Honolulu with Alexis, did you?

Leaving Japan on such short notice after a huge earthquake followed by a huge tsunami by a nuclear crisis = not so easy.

The plane that took me out, therefore, had a full day of layover in Honolulu. Alexis was on the same flight, so we chilled in Hawaii.

I ate this

and it was delicious. Vegan soup pho is totally always the best.

We played here
and it was beautiful, and our hair was crazy.

We forgot that we were in Hawaii and not Japan
and left our stuff hanging out on the beach.
It's okay, though, because we have the coolest stuff evs. :-)

The smart Alexis, who had brought a bathing suit, played in the water
while I sat on the beach getting my pants all wet. Which led me to put on Alexis's shorts, which were all big and fally offy.

Good times were had, and then I got to Colorado, and Kristen wondered why I was so tan.

My day in Honolulu 以上です。

2 things said:

Ariane said...

A day in Honolulu... so unfortunate!

Alexis said...

It's a shame we look totally crazy and squinty in that photo.

Also, see if I let you borrow my "big" clothes again the next time you get yours wet. :p