Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cathryn Visits: 阿寺七滝 aka Aterenana Taki

While Cathryn was here, we went with Rin and Martin to see this waterfall that was supposed to be AMAZING! Even though it was super close to Okazaki, because of the lack of trains to get there and then the lack of buses once arriving, it somehow took us, like, 3 hours. In a car it might have taken half an hour.

It was a lovely train ride, though, and we were given lots of random souvenirs by random Japanese people in the train and at the bus stop.

These bracelets were made by a man waiting for the bus with us. Martin's was for traffic protection, and ours were to drive away demons.

We were originally going to walk to the temple once arriving at the station, but some every sign we saw kept saying it was longer than we originally thought, and then finally some dude told us it was around 6 km with a treacherous, insect filled path. So we decided to wait for the bus, and in the meantime, we did some exploring!

And we did some sand writing! Mine says "rad," as you can see, which is a super rad word, right? Cathryn's SAPD is for the San Antonio Police Department. And then I made Martin draw a heart. :-P

We also found some tori gates, which as I've mentioned several times, I illogicaly love!

Us exploring!

We did eventually make to to the waterfall, though, and it turned out I'd already been there.

The lovely waterfall.

The time before, though, it was super rainy, and it was after a long day of hiking in the rain, so it was hard to appreciate. This time, I found it quite lovely, and in any case, the getting there was way more fun!

Good fun was had, and by the time we got back to Okazaki, I think we were all so exhausted we were just about ready to die.

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