Sunday, July 08, 2012


Yesterday, I got some presents!!!! Three, to be exact. I love presents! Though I don't know if we can really call these presents - just things that were given to me.

And yesterday I really needed them, because Rachael and I were feeling sad.

First, we went to the Fukuro museum in Tokyo Hands at 名古屋駅, because Rachael has been telling me about the cool bags there, and I wanted to see them.

And then we were walking over to 栄 (Sakae) when this somewhat crazy person approaches us all repeating all over and over again "アメリカは一番悪い” - America ha ichiban warui, which means "America is the worst." For some reason, me being me, I thought that maybe this person would have something interesting to say, so I turned and was all like "Don't you think North Korea is worse." And he was all "No, North Korea's good. America is the worst." And then he just kept repeating it over and over again.

Still for some reason having faith that maybe this person could have an INTERESTING conversation about why America is the worst, I was all "Why?" And his response was "Obama. Obama is the worst. America is the worst. America is stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You're all stupid. America is the worst." At that point, I left it alone.
But it made me really sad. It made Rachael really angry, and she wanted to punch the guy. It just made me sad.

Anyhow, point being - I thus needed something to cheer me up.

On Saturday, I went with Rachael and Steven to see free outdoor concerts in 栄.

It was super fun, and Rachael and I talked a lot to the singer of alfabeto, who told us that he was going to bring us some small figurines the next day, Sunday.
And when we went back on Sunday, he actually DID bring us little figurines. I got a small blue fish, and Rachael got a cutey face little goldfish.

me, alfabeto singer, Rachael, our new fishy faces

Between lives, we went over to the jewelry shop that we for some reason frequent (even though I've never bought anything - thank you, Rachael, for buying lots of jewelry). We were talking to one of the workers there, Kazuki, and he for some reason gave me this little picture of himself as a devil. Super cute! He likes Pay Money to My Pain. I like Pay Money to My Pain. Happiness.
For now, it's hanging out in 岡崎 (Okazaki) with me for a while, but when I leave, I'll give it to Rachael so it can hang out in 岐阜 (Gifu) with her.

Then we headed back to Sound Street or Sky Air or whatever it's called to see a band called The Reviews Scorer, that we had seen once a couple months ago. They were awesome then, and they were awesome again.

After their show (during which they were all wearing t-shirts with American flags on them, and this made me feel somewhat better about things), I asked the singer if they had a CD or something, and he said yes, and to hang on. And then he came back with their two CDs and just gave them to us. He was all "サービス、サービス、内緒" and then making the "shhh," sign, like we shouldn't tell anyone.
I still have NO IDEA why he decided to give us the CDs, but I'm listening to one now, and it is amazing.

The next time they are playing is the same day as Freedom Nagoya, so I am sad that I won't get to see them. Apparently they auditioned for Freedom Nagoya and failed (which makes me super sad, as they are amazing. I totally don't get why. Though apparently they made the money sign when I said that I don't get why). I wish I could see them again AND go to Freedom Nagoya.

So then a little bit later we went over and asked them to sign the CDs that they had given us, and they were SO nice!

Me with Hiro (who is not a hero), the bassist, and Yasuhiro (who is a ninja), the drummer.

Rachael has the picture of us with the whole band. We must have talked to them for at least 20 minutes. Shockingly, they were actually the ones who suggested we take pictures.

So yes, those were my three presents yesterday! And this was supposed to be a super short blog post about that, but it has now turned into a manuscript. Sorry I'm so wordy.

And now to write more about Kristen and Shawn's visit.

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