Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lauren and the Cockroaches

So at the beginning of last week, when it was still vacation time, my friend Lauren Ernt came to visit me for three days. YAY!!!!

Just for info, I have NO idea why my tongue is out in this picture, and I have no recollection of actually sticking it out. Weirdness.

She is also doing the French assistant program, and she was placed in Annecy, which she claims to be a fairy tale like tourist town. From her pictures, I am inclined to agree, and I really really REALLY want to go visit her before Christmas, because I can only just imagine how a fairy tale like tourist town would be at Christmas. CHRISTMASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hoping that I will be able to find time. Next Sunday, I am going to spend the day at the Christmas festival in Strasbourg. I can't wait!!!!
When Lauren was here, we went into Notre Dame, and it was actually my first time inside. :-) I was mega impressed by all of the intricate and amazing Stained Glass.

We also went to see the Cockroaches play at La Feline. The Cockroaches are a rockabilly band from Montreal, and it was SO good to discover a place like that that actually has a cool atmosphere and good music. They seemed to also have punk bands there sometimes, so I am really excited about that.
We met this guy Nicky, who called himself a cat(he's the one dancing in the picture - notice the fantastic sweater) and used to live in New Orleans. He was very funny, and in the end, he insisted on giving me his friend Yannick's phone number. He had lost his phone, and he wanted me to call Yannick two days after to get what would be his new number. It was weird, but it was also a hilarious experience. I miss places like that, which are plentiful in Montreal.
We also went to the Eiffel Tower, and it was cool because they had put the stars of the European Union on it. I guess France is acting now as capital of the European Union or something. Apparently it alternates every year or so. I don't really actually know what I am talking about. But it's something like that.

And, as if there weren't already enough pictures of me at the Eiffel Tower, here is me, at the Eiffel Tower with the European Union stars on it.
That's all, folks!

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Kristen said...

love the pictures...that guy's sweater is amazing...guillaume should wear one!! I hope you had fun at Strasborg (can't remember how you spell it) me to let me know how wonderful it was!

mom said...

Audrey, I clicked on the picture of you in front of the Eiffel Tower and I hit the jackpot. I got to look at a whole picture gallery. What fun, I didn't want it to end. Sounds like you and Lauren had a fab time. Annecy sounds like a place I would like to go. How far is that from you?
How was Strasbourg?

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