Monday, November 24, 2008

ohhhh, La France

So, I just went to see the Duchess, which was fantastic - I cried lots and lots. I think it was almost 3 hours as well, and I barely noticed.
Anyhow, so while I was waiting to be allowed in for the movie to start, there was someone smoking not too far from me. Now, it is ILLEGAL to smoke inside in France, and everyone who knows me knows that I HATE cigarettes, so I didn't hesitate to go tell this person that it was illegal to smoke where s/he (I couldn't figure out if it was a girl or a boy) was and that if s/he wanted to continue, it would be necessary to go outside. They looked at me and then ignored me, continuing to smoke. So I told them that that meant they had to quit smoking. The person responded "Call security, whatever."
First of all, I wouldn't have known how to call security. Second of all, even if I had known how, all that would have happened was that they told him/her to stop smoking. S/he would have put out his/her cigarette, waited for security to leave, and then relit the cigarette.
That is all unimportant, though, because we are in France, and there is no doubt that the person would have finished smoking their cigarette by the time security actually came, and that would have all been null and void.
So I reiterated "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to insist that you stop smoking inside now."
The person then took his/her cigarette and burnt my hand. Yes, s/he used his/her cigarette to actually BURN my hand.
I'm really just not sure that that could happen anywhere other than France. I hope I don't get some kind of bacterial cigarette disease.
My conviction that smoking and attempted murder are one and the same is stronger than ever. I really do believe that smoking should be illegal, and with what happened today, I think it should be punished just as strongly as attempted murder.

Anyhow, that's enough of my ranting and raving about cigarettes, my least favorite thing in the whole world. One of my old LSMSA friends posted some super old pictures of me on facebook, and it is sort of ridiculous how much I have changed.
I feel like I don't look like that at all anymore, and I kinda can't believe I ever did. The Bad Religion one is almost scary.

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Ariane said...

Hey Audrey, on ne peut pas s'abonner à ton blog (comme tu l'as fait pour le mien?)