Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter and MUSIQUE

So, I know it's after the fact, but I never got around to saying HAPPY EASTER, everyone! in my blog, so I am doing it now. My Easter was fantastic!!!!

Guillaume and I exchanged Easter baskets, and I got lots of yummy Easter chocolate (that I have been eating nonsto ever since. I am definitely a chocolate addict and should definitely do something about my complete inability to not consume a ton of chocolate everyday) and several delicious smelling fizzy bath balls from Lush. I love Lush, and I especially love how, if a product is vegan, and most of them are, it is marked as such. And how Lush is all vegetarian and doesn't support at all animal testing and all organic and all about recycling and saving the world. Go Lush! I also got two new CDs: the Foxboro Hot Tubs (basically Green Day in disguise) "Stop, Drop, and Roll!" and New Found Glory "Not Without A Fight."

Everyone who knows me knows that I used to be a CD buying maniac, but aside from An Cafe "Harajuku Dance Rock," I really haven't bought many CDs lately. But having the new An Cafe CD and receiving two such magnificent CDs really put me in the CD buying mood, so while I was home last week, I bought the new Propaghandi CD "Supporting Caste," which is amazing, the new Strung Out CD of rare/hard-to-find stuff, "Prototypes and Painkillers," which is, of course, awesome, and the new Less Than Jake CD "GNV FLA," which is, you guessed it, fantastic. I really can't get enough of any of them.

And now that I am in such a CD buying mood, I am super psyched because the new NOFX CD "Coaster" just came out, and I am going to be buying it as soon as I find a store in France that carries it. And then on May 5 (I think it is) the new Green Day CD "21st Century Breakdown" comes out, and I am super psyched about that.

Oh, and also, Meg Cabot discovered pretty much my favorite band in all the world, the Unlovables, and, not surprisingly, she loves them. How could she not when they are really just the most amazing band ever? Man, I love me some Unlovables!

That's all for now, folks!

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