Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Harajuku Dance Rock Night

Okay, so An Cafe is basically the greatest band ever to exist. As you all know, I saw them in concert last Wednesday, and it was AMAZING!!!!
First of all, I got there a little bit early, and so while waiting for the concert to begin, I got a great look at all of the outfits that people were wearing, and I really felt like I was at a cos-play festival. There were so many Lolita dresses and parasols and stripes, and I'm convinced that's what it must be like to walk the streets of the Harajuku district (minus most of the makeup). Check out some Harajuku fashion to get an idea. I fit in only because I was wearing lots of stripes and fingerless gloves, which I pretty much always do.

Then the concert started. They were wearing the clothes that they are wearing in oe of the pictures in the new album, and they all managed to look adorable and hardcore all at the same time. And boy, do they know how to rock. They played all of the songs from the new album (which I, of course, bought, and haven't stopped listening to since, with the small exception of when my family was here), plus tons of other old great favorites. Unfortunately, they didn't play Maple Gunman, which is my favorite song. They also didn't play Nyappy in the World 2, which is my other favorite song, but that was to be expected, since they are now at Nyappy in the World 4.

And speaking of Nyappy in the World 4, I fell a little bit in love with Yuki during this song. That's him rocking out on the left there. He was so cute in his little glasses and his polka dot pants. And when he came out from behind the keyboard and was all rapping with Miku (that's Miku to the right there), I don't know how everyone in the place didn't just fall a little bit in love with him. I've been trying to decide whom my favorite member of the group is, and I've been thinking maybe Teruki (the drummer - I unfortunately didn't manage to get any pictures of him) because he says in interviews that he hates cigarettes (like me!), but after the concert, I think it's official that it's Yuki. Even if he is a newbie.

Anyhow, so the concert was awesome, of course. They are such great performers, and I really hope that I will get to see them again soon. Perhaps in Japan next time!!!! I leave you with the above picture (of Kanon of the left, Miku in the middle, and Takuya on the right) and the below video (of Snow Scene - taken with my digital camera and thus of very poor quality. It's also cut off about 5 seconds before the end because my arm was killing me).

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