Monday, January 25, 2010

Rockin' It Out Louisiana Style

After my huge ordeal, I don't think I had EVER been happier in my life to be home. For serious.

The first thing I did upon waking up in the morning was to go through all of the books that had arrived at my mom's house that I had won in contests or that had been sent to me by publishers. If you're interested, you can check out the blog post about that in Brizmus Blogs Books.

Then I explored my Mom's new house, which was just BEAUTIFUL! Apparently, she had done a ton of work, and you could so tell as the house was just SO HER!

I got to spend several days lounging around reading, doing next to nothing. It was fantabulous! I also got all of the rest of my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped and it was really just fantastic! :-) And my grandparents came in, and I got to beat them at Scrabble! Yay! I am TERRIBLE at Scrabble - I was therefore sort-of shocked about the whole winning thing. And I got to hang out with Russell and Miranda, who are both living in Pineville now, and it was SO great to get to spend time with my little bromeo (wow, haven't used that word in AGES, since we lived in Holiday Park).

Then Kristen finally arrived (YAY!!!! Always so much fun to see my sister!! :-) ), and with my Mom, we took a trip up to Natchitoches to see the Christmas lights (I almost just typed Kristen lights), which were absolutely beautifully amazing and wonderful!

I hadn't been to see the lights since high school, since I lived in Natchitoches, and I had these amazing memories about how awesome they are. Kristen was afraid that we were maybe going to be disappointed, but we absolutely weren't. They were just AMAZING!!!!

We met this very nice man who reminded us of Charles Martin (our uncle), who was so nice to take some pictures of the three of us. He was so professional about it that we thought he must be a photographer for a living or something. He informed us that he was, indeed a photographer by profession. A photographer of dead people. He was happy to have some living subjects, he said. :-P Interesting. . .

We found a sled, and Kristen and I just HAD to have a picture in it, as we have on of us when we were very little sitting in a very similar sled (if, I am not mistaken, also in Natchitoches at the lights). I wish I had the old picture to scan and put next to this one.

Anyhow, our trip to Natchitoches was a success - we had SO much fun all hanging out together - even if dinner was not a success. All of the restaurants were closed by the time we finally got around to looking for one. Luckily, I had some plain, cold (sauceless) spaghetti in a Ziploc bag, and we munched on it on the way home so that we weren't too hungry.

After Natchitoches, it was time for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be sure to check back soon! :-)

3 things said:

Ariane said...

It's always fun to go back home for the holidays!!

Anonymous said...

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Ms Baker said...

awww..i can't wait for christmas again!