Monday, February 01, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas chez ma mere!!

Not to be forgotten is the reason for which I went home. CHRISTMAS!!!!

A few days before Christmas, we celebrated Russell's birthday, and since we were in the opening presents kind of mood, we opened our Christmas pajamas that our mother gives us every year!

This year, she gave us LSU pajama bottoms. And even though I'm not the hugest LSU fan, I was psyched. Unfortunately, they ended up being just a little bit too small.

This year, we had a fairly atypical Christmas Eve. Usually, we put out luminaries right before it starts getting dark. Unfortunately, our neighborhood committee decided to put an end to the luminaries a year or two ago. My sister and I are seriously devastated about this. So, this year, instead, we had our HUGE Christmas dinner instead. Tina made up the most DELICIOUS meal with sweet potatoes and brocolli and stuffed squash and, really, everything you could dream of in a Christmas dinner. By the time it was time for dessert, we were all too stuffed to even think about it.

After our delicious dinner, we headed over to our Aunt Betty's house for her annual Christmas party. As usual, it was fantastic! Parker, my cousin Monica's son, saw Santa Clause approaching right when we got there, so they had to leave IMMEDIATELY. After all, they needed to get home before Santa arrived. It was very cute, watching him run back and forth between Monica and the door, screaming "Santa, momma, Santa! We have to leave now!!"
When we left, Aunt Betty gave us clementines picked from her trees. They were delicious!

After Aunt Betty's, we headed out to our Mom's house, where she was still busy wrapping up a storm. It was very late, and we had to sleep in her room, which meant we had to forgo our annual Christmas movie, the Magic Snowman. For those of you that have not heard of it, it is THE best Christmas movie ever, and I absolutely highly recommend it to EVERYONE! Go watch it! Now! Even though it's not Christmas.

The next morning, IT WAS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual, Kristen and I woke up extraordinarily early and exchanged presents just between us before making everyone else get up and celebrate!

I got some fabulous presents from here:
-a really cool pen that her friend made that apparently took her several hours to make!
-a bee t-shirt
-bee pajama pants
-some awesome rain boots
-some earrings she made herself
-an A American Eagle t-shirt that was "made just for me"
-some Melt shaving cream that I love!
-wonderfully delicious smelling Melt fizzy bath balls

I think that's it. I absolutely love them all, and I hope she loves hers as well.

The the whole gang came out, and Kristen and I exchanged presents with Russell, Shawn, and Miranda before the opening of the stocking began.
I got the coolest Labyrinth shirt from Shawn, and from Russell and Miranda, I got this cool bag that fed a child in Africa for a year. In the bag, there were three really awesome books on Japan that I absolutely can't WAIT to read. Along with that, there was the coolest present of Christmas.

Yes, that's it, right there around my neck. It's a smoke detector decorated by Russell and Miranda and turned into an anti-smoking necklace. The theoretically will go off if ever anyone is smoking around me. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?

Should I be offended that Kristen gets bunny ears, and I don't? Or do we think mine are just hidden?

So then we opened our stockings and our Mom/Santa presents, and Mom opened her presents, and good times were had all around. Kristen and I gave mom and ipod Nano with a docking station, and I think she loved it. We also both separately gave her lots of fun presents that she seemed to love!

As for me, I got the awesomest presents of all!

I got this super cool new jacket, that I am wearing in the picture with Kristen and Russell up above. I got a new pink Dell Studio laptop, which I absolutely NEEDED! My old laptop is in the process of dying a slow and painful death.
Kristen and I got matching outfits that we were supposed to wear for New Year's Eve. Only my flight was canceled, so I unfortunately ended up being in an airplane on New Year's Eve. So I wore mine to celebrate Christmas with Guillaume.

How cute are we?

I also got the coolest Juicy Couture towel.
Can you tell that this was an awesome Christmas for me?

Or rather, can you tell that this was an awesome Christmas for everyone?

Afterwards, we had a delicious Christmas breakfast that Mom had made before heading out to our Dad's house to celebrate Christmas there.
And since this post is already RIDICULOUSLY long, THAT will be a post for next time.
Until then,. . .!!!!

All pictures stolen from my dear sister Kristen.

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