Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christmas chez mon pere

Do you wonder what I am doing? Yeah, so do I!

So, after we finished everything up at my Mom's house, we headed out to my Dad's house!!!!

Dad and Tina with the beautiful tree!

Unfortunately, David was with his Dad, so he didn't get to be there to celebrate with us. Still, we had an absolutely FABULOUS time!!!!

Kristen and I got some fun purses with sunglasses and scarves!

Aren't we cool?!!?

We had a fabulous time laughing and listening to Christmas music and opening presents! Amoung other thing, Kristen and Shawn are going to be treated to a 5 star hotel in the country of their choice when they are on their honeymoon voyage and I am being treated to a plane ticket to Japan along with my first semester of classes there. I'm psyched!
I think Russell, though, had to be the happiest about his gift!

They gave him a world cup soccer ball and are helping him plan his trip to the World Cup in South Africa, along with paying for quite a bit of it.
I am SURE that he won't want me posting this in my blog, but he was so happy he almost cried.

Tina got tons of awesome clothes!

I am pretty sure she is NOT modeling any of them here, but she and Kristen are modeling something, so I thought this picture could be appropriate.

Dad got a new Bad Boy Buggy!

I'm not entirely sure what makes it different from the old one - I guess it's more high tech or something. Whatever the case, it's cool!

As usual, we had a GREAT time, and Dad filmed us being ridiculous! Even Tyrone had fun - I gave him a chew soccer ball! :-) And the cats of course all tried (and failed, because my Dad was there) to come in and play with the discarded bows and wrapping paper.

The very last present, that we all opened at the same time, was a t-shirt. With a fleur de lys on it. With the t-shirt, there was a note that said "Wear this to watch the Saints win the superbowl." Dad had decided that, if the Saints made it to the superbowl, we would all go watch them win as a family. They did make it to the superbowl, so we went. Be expecting a post about that soon!

Afterwards, we hopped in a car and drove down to Lafayette to see my Mom's side of the family. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Diane, and Uncle Greg had all already been by Mom's house, but it was good to get to see them all on Christmas day. Grandma made some DELICIOUS vegan food for Christmas dinner!!

It was cool as well to get to see Aunt Debbie, Blake, and Brittni. I hadn't seen my cousin Blake in AGES!!!!

And that was my Christmas! YAY! I love going home for Christmas!! :-)

2 things said:

Esme said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas-the type I have always imagined-I come from a family with no -extended family and married an only child-I have always wished for large holiday functions=where everyone gets along.

Ms Baker said...

looking at the superbowl pictures made me so happy all over again!