Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I've really got to get over my fear of speaking Japanese with Japanese people. For serious.

I'm almost way too afraid to ever actually speak to a Japanese person in Japanese, and when I finally do, I get all nervous and flustered and flaily, and my arms just sort of go hugely all over the place.

Which of course makes me even more embarrassed and makes me less inclined to try to speak in the future.

But if I continue to go forth with such timidity, I'm really just never going to get better. And as it is, I'm feeling totally stuck - 日本語の行き詰まり。

Anyhow, I received it from Rachael:

Me, Rachael, and the Reviews Scorer dudes. I've been listening to their albums ever since we received them, and they are SO GOOD! For serious. I really wish they were going to be playing at Nagoya Freedom.

They were so super super nice!!

In other news, I met up with Yumiko today for the first time in ages, and she brought her French teacher with her, so instead of speaking Japanese, we spoke French the whole time. I'd love to be able to get my Japanese to the same level as my French. For serious.

More on the Saga of Kristen and Shawn Visit Japan to come soon!!

2 things said:

Simcha said...

I was so glad to hear that you've been blogging again and I enjoyed catching up on your posts. It looks like you're having some really wonderful experiences (except for playing that instrument made out of a cat *shudder*) and I hope that someday I will have the chance to visit Japan as well.

brizmus said...

Thanks for the comment, Simcha!

Isn't it awful - the dog and cat skin they use for the shamisen? I definitely shuddered as well.

I hope you'll check back sometimes and read - it's so nice to be in touch again! :-)