Friday, September 05, 2008

Day 1

It's my first post, and I am going to make it short- just to say "hi!" I just got back to Croatia, and I have been happy to have something to eat other than rice and lentils and pasta. . . even though it had only been 4 days without. While I was there, I thought a lot about the benefits of having a blog, and I decided that it is something that will, indeed, suit me. So YAY! Here I am. :-)

2 things said:

Kristen said...

Yay...i am happy that 1- you are blogging, 2- the name of your blog is great 3- your blog is pink 4- you are back from croatia, and 5- you are going to call me soon!!

mom said...

Finally, I got an account set up so I can blog you back! Did you really go to the land of "The Neverending Story"? I can't wait to read on.