Tuesday, September 09, 2008

my boring life

It's back to work on my TEFL course! I've been taking the class in teaching english as a second language so that I can hopefully go teach in Japan. YAY JAPAN!!!! I really kind of hate lesson planning, though, which is why it's 1:19 in the afternoon and I am still in bed in my pjs. . .it took me ALL morning to finish the lesson planning lesson. BOO!
Now, though, I get to do my puzzle and read and watch Cardcaptor Sakura and learn Spanish and Japanese for the rest of the day! YAY!!!!
The joys of being on a pseudo vacation.


I think I would rather be back in these pictures - the one on the right(or on the bottom, I guess, depending on your computer) is the most beautiful place in the world, talked about in a previous entry.

Last night I made vegan cream cheesy brownies. YUMMINESS! I'm so psyched about the Jewish Franprix right down the street on Voltaire that sells lots of Tofutti items. Today, I'm making stuffed mushrooms mom-style!!!! :-)

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Joseph said...

Japan, cool! I hope u'll like it. I only know one Japanese song: kojo no tsuki, not sure about the spelling. It's traditional. maybe u should learn it...