Thursday, October 02, 2008

While I Was Home: Pineville and Alexandria

So, Alexandria now has a new restaurant. . . WITH VEGAN OPTIONS! My mom picked me up from the airport upon arrival, and we went over to the new little Greek restaurant in town (I can't remember what it's called - Mom, if you read this, any help?), and the guy actually KNEW what a vegan was. Yeah, he knew what a vegan was in a RESTAURANT in CENTRAL LOUISIANA!!!! This never happens!
He said that he was going to make me up something special, but I just wanted bread with hummus and falafel. And I actually got to HAVE bread with hummus and falafel. Because it was VEGAN! Our world may be dying from the inside out, but at least it is also trying to survive. People are becoming more and more conscious of the things that matter and the things they can do to help. As Miley Cyrus says "It's our home, so let's take care of it." I think the fact that veganism is becoming more common and more understood is a great sign. So YAY for that!
Aside from that, it was GREAT to see my mother! I arrived on a Tuesday, and then on Wednesday night I went out to her house for dinner. I got to have BRUSSELS SPROUTS for the first time in over a year. Guillaume can't stand them, and the smell makes him want to gag, so they are not allowed in our apartment. :-( We also had delicious rutabagas with pasta with garlic sauce. Deliciousness! My mother outdid herself! And her house was LOVELY - it's starting to look and feel very much like my mother. And I got to meet her dog, Sugar, who is the most hilarious and greedy dog ever, and I loved her (even if she didn't seem to love me)! I wish I had taken a picture.
So, it was great to hang out with my mother. I also bought more pink hair dye, and this weekend my little hairs are going to be dyed. And I bought lots of books, and I got to hang out some with David. Good times were had.
I am going to continue writing about the rest of my trip, but I will do it in other posts so that it does not get too overwhelming. To leave you, pictures of my father's pier after Hurricane Gustav.

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Anonymous said...

...what do you mean "if" I read this. I am going to try the anonymous posting you told me about so you can see I'm reading every word. I really enjoyed our visit and I'm so glad you got to visit Cathryn. You two have been friends since third grade. Now as for you not looking as good as her on the obstacle course; I think you look incredible; how are you doing that move?
I look forward to your next update. And by the way... it's the "Little Greek Deli"

Kristen said...

i love how much you talk about food. works! the meal with mom sounds WONDERFUL!!

Spiggy said...

MMmmmmmm falafel.... it's been so long...