Friday, October 17, 2008

While I Was Home: the triathlon

Okay, so this will be my last writing about while I was home. My last day in Louisiana, David and I drove up to Natchitoches to watch my Dad and Tina run/bike/swim their first full triathlon. They did super awesome! I was incredibly impressed, not only by them, but by everyone else there. There was one incredibly HUGE man whose gut kept bumping into his legs. I don't know how he even managed to stand, much less do a triathlon. But do the triathlon he did, which is more than I can say for myself, and he did it in good time, too! I was inspired to some day try to do one myself, but unfortunately Paris really isn't the best training ground. So for now I am contenting myself with preparing to try to start training by playing Wii Fit (which my mother gave me as part of my birthday gift! I love it! YAY!!!!).
Sorry there are no pictures of swimming. I have some pictures of the water, but they don't really show much, so they're not that exciting.

2 things said:

Ariane said...

Moi aussi j'aimerais beaucoup faire un triathlon un jour. Actually, i'm training to do the Montreals marathon next year, but I'm already slacking....

Spiggy said...

What was the distance on it?

I <3 Triathlons!