Thursday, October 02, 2008

While I Was Home: San Antonio

On Thursday morning, I drove to San Antonio to spend the day with Cathryn. We had SUCH a great time - it had been FAR too long since I last saw her, and we had an amazing time together, even if both of us were dead tired me because I was super jet-lagged, her because she had just started working the night shift.

We ate at the one restaurant in San Antonio with vegan options: Green It was delicious, and we both ate too much, so we were all doing jump'n'jacks (HOW do you spell that?!?) and push-ups to try to be able to fit all of our food in. In the end, though, there was sadly no room for cake and ice cream.

Then she brought me on a brief tour of San Antonio, showing me the prison and where she reports in now for work (she's a cop, if I didn't mention that before), and she showed me the obstacle course where she trained with the police academy. It was SOOOO cool! I tried to do it, and was able to to pretty much all of the obstacles, although not up to cop standards at all. I am a weakling. Cathryn, however, was AMAZING! Notice from the pictures how awesome she looks compared to me.

So, it was awesome to see my police officer best friend, even if we really didn't have all that long to spend together. I miss her lots and lots! She has started to carry a gun everywhere she goes, which for her makes sense, but I have to admit that *I* would be freaked out to do such a thing. I would probably accidentally shoot my leg off. We made a voodoo doll and had a little ritual (white magic, bien sur) that night before she had to go off to work, and it reminded me of old times. We have so much fun together!

3 things said:

Anonymous said...

Audrey, Is that wall Cathryn is climbing the only obstacle you didn't do?

Kristen said...

Wow! The obstacle course looks awesome. I am proud of you for doing it.

Um...why do you have to do jump-n-jacks to be able to eat cake???

brizmus said...

yes, the really small picture on top with the rope is Cathryn doing the only obstacle I couldn't do. And Kristen, we were doing jump-n-jacks to be able to eat cake because we were RIDICULOUSLY full, and we were trying to make space. :-)