Thursday, October 08, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character

So I was reading a post over at My World about on of her favorite fictional characters.

Well, the character this week just so happens to also be one of MY favorite fictional characters. Possibly my favorite of all time. A couple years ago, I dressed up as her for Halloween. And NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS!!!! That might be a slight exaggeration. There were maybe two or three people who knew whom I was. . .after I told them.


Unfortunately the left one is blurry. Sorry!

5 things said:

Spiggy said...

Awww so cute! I had to go back and watch the first three episodes, I can't believe how emotional they are!!! So good!

guil said...

Punky Brewster
I won!!!
Go me!!!

Ariane said...

I remember this Halloween... well, not so much.

~Mikey~ said...

I know who this is not because I recognize the character, but because I know you fairly well :-p

kristen said...

So I just read an article about Soliel Moon Frye who redressed up as Punky Brewster for the shows 20th (or some other number) anniversary. She is so cute!