Monday, October 05, 2009

Rachel and Josh (and then Josh arrives)!

(except the very last one)

So, after the graveyard, we headed back to my apartment to wait for the imminent arrival of Josh!
Upon his arrival, we decided to take a walk over to the Bastille to get smoothies.
We went to Wanna Juice, and Josh got this weird basil smoothie that he claimed was one of the best smoothies he'd ever had.

Josh and his smoothie at La Bastille

We continued on a nice walk down the Canal St-Martin and got to see one of the boats being let down on the boat stairs thing. Very cool!

Canal St-Martin

The next day was mega touristy day! We saw Les Champs-Elysees and L'Arc de Triomphe.

Us at L'Arc de Triomphe

The we headed over to the Eiffel Tower.

Me and Josh at the Eiffel Tower

One of those Eiffel Tower pictures that just has to be taken!

Josh had been amusing himself making things look miniature, and he managed to make the Eiffel Tower look like a mere trinket.

Look how small it is!

He also was having fun with double exposures and made it look like a carousel horse was eating the Eiffel Tower.


It was really cool because there was some rollerblading thing going on right in front of it, so we got to see some awesome rollerbladers doing some awesome tricks. I was mega impressed!

How rad is this?!?

Then I left them to enjoy museums without me (as I have been to so many of the museus here so many times; I just couldn't bring myself to do it all over again).

Unfortunately, I don't have Rachel's pictures for the next two days, and Josh's pictures aren't dated. My memory is for days and times is fairly bad, so I don't really remember WHEN we did what we did.
I know that we rented bikes (Velib!) and rode over to the Marais. We got delicious (but unfortunately slightly overexpensive) falafel at L'As du Falafel. Man, I love that place!
We took a quick ride around L'Ile St-Louis and discovered some pretty cute shops.
Then we rode around the Latin Quarter = St-Michel and saw the fountain and manoeuvred our way through all of the cute little strees.

Cool miniature of Notre Dame in Notre Dame

Hanging out in the Marais with a very cool store behind us

Rachel and I rockin' it on a bench on L'Ile St-Louis while Josh ate his lime basil sorbet and took pictures!

The other day, Rachel and Josh headed over to Versailles. I had already been (twice or maybe even thrice), so I decided to skip out on this time. I ended up doing absolutely NOTHING and so probably should have gone with them.

Their last day, Josh was unfortunately not feeling so well (the day before in St-Michel we were getting smoothies and this crazy woman was coughing herself to death right in the ridiculously small store. She was getting snot all over her arm and hacking out her lungs practically in our faces. So incredibly disgusting! I am sure we all got a little sick from it), but we headed over to Sacre-Coeur/Montmarte nonetheless.

Josh and I in front of Sacre Coeur

We went up to the top (it was a LOT of stairs) and got a pretty incredible view. I don't know how I had never gone up before.

View from the top

Josh and I at the top

After we walked around a bit and got to see this cute little French band playing. Not really our style, but VERY French.

Other than that, we had fun eating in delicious restaurants (La Victiore Supreme du Coeur; La Reine Shaba = deliciously wonderful Ethiopian food that still doesn't quite replace Ras Mesfin, the place where I always go for Ethiopian food that seems to have closed down; Loving Hut; Tien Hang; and Audrey's kitchen!) and playing cards and Dr. Mario chez me.

Rachel and Josh weren't in love with my New Kids on the Block poster. :-(

And then they had to leave. And vacation was REALLY over. Sort-of. ::sadness::

4 things said:

rachel said...

oh no! i'm sorry I haven't sent you the pictures yet, I only put them on my computer a few days ago, I'm so behind.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I love the pictures! But a basil smoothie??? LOL

Spiggy said...

Regarding the picture of you in Marais, was that face a reaction to the coughing lady? Because it is quite a marvelous face =)

I LOVE the picture of you knocking on the door of the cute little house =)

I'm happy that you got to hang out with Rachel and Josh!!!

kristen said...

i thought rachel and josh had good taste in music?!?! No New Kids...I am dissapointed.