Monday, September 15, 2008

Les States and anime

Today, I am headed back to the states for a little bit in order to get my visa to be able to stay in France. YAY! :-) I am spending tonight in New York, and it's looking like Tuesday morning my flights, despite going through Houston, might actually get me home. Super YAY!!!!

Yesterday, Guillaume and I went to the anime convention, and it was awesome. There were so many people dressed up awesomely, either just because or for cosplay. I felt super boring in my normal clothes. We saw Batman and the Joker being friends, even! they kept moving, so it was hard to get a picture, but I tried.

There was karaoke, but it seemed like the same two people were singing the whole time. And we also saw people doing the sumo wrestling in the sumo costumes (like on that episode of Hannah Montana). People kept getting in the way, so yet again, it was hard to get a picture, but I tried. Man, I would have loved to have tried it myself.

Then later I got to do some origami. I think it would be cool to take an origami class because, well, I suck. I managed the super simple penguin, but when I tried the snowflake, I somehow ruined it to the point where even the super awesome at origami girl sitting next to me couldn't salvage it. The place where I am taking Japanese classes (I start September 30 - YAY!) offers origami lessons on Saturdays, so I might have to do that.

Okay, I'm off to pack. I might not post for the next little while, but do not despair - I WILL BE BACK!

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Ariane said...

Tu vois Audrey, il y a des choses le fun à faire à Paris ;-)

Anonymous said...

How's the japanese coming?