Sunday, June 10, 2012

飲み会 and Black Fail

Apparently, I've gone blog updating crazy.  I mean, for serious - every day since June 4, minus yesterday.

Rachael came to Okazaki to spend the weekend with me, and on Saturday night, we met up with my old students from the office English class I used to teach for a 飲み会 (nomikai - drinking party). Madness ensued.

Apparently, I make Naoki crazy, because, according to the new guy in their class, he was totally normal until I got there, and then he went completely insane. I really missed him, though, and Ryouko and the whole class really, so it was great to see them again.

Then Megumi got drunk and told us all about how she is learning karate. I made the mistake of jokingly telling her that she should practice on Naoki, and:

She was definitely way more into it than the picture shows, by my picture taking skills are definitely not to be noted.

Anyone who knows my knows how much I absolutely LOVE making 変顔 (hengao - funny faces - Kristen and I and Martin and I have huge collections of them). Apparently, Naoki is also a fan of the hengao, so we must have spent a good half hour or more just making stupid faces.

Naoki and I were definitely the best at 変顔

It was seriously awesome to get to see them all again and see that they're doing well - WHY does their class have to be on Saturday? I got to speak Japanese the whole night, too, which was awesome (well, except at the end, when I lost my voice and then couldn't talk anymore).

After, Glen (also known as Takeru), who is the new teacher of their class, came over to my place after, and we had a pseudo dance party je sais meme pas quoi at my place, with just the three of us.

Glen somewhat fell in love with the posters I have on my wall of 三浦翔平 (Miura Shouhei) and 山本裕典 (Yamamoto Yuusuke) - I mean, naturally, who wouldn't?

Good times were had, and we danced and acted like weirdos until about 3 AM. I was naturally reminded of that song by the Unlovables "Dance party for two, me and you," except that we were three (on a side note, I miss the Unlovables - won't they put out a new album soon?)

Because no post would be complete without a music video of some sort attached.

Then today Rachael and I went and hung out at Aeon for a while, and we were talking about how I'm old and my hair is all grey, and she was all "Maybe you should die it," and I was all, "Yeah, maybe I could do black." So we bought some black hair dye and tried to dye my hair back, but unfortunately it was a mega fail (I really didn't know you could ever fail with black), and my hair pretty much didn't change colors at all. :-( (and by pretty much I mean it is still exactly the same color as it was before I started)

And I realize the complete pointlessness of this post but,. . .I believe in pointlessness. Yes.

and on that note, お休みなさい。

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