Monday, June 04, 2012

Iroiro iroiro iroiro


こんばんは。 And now the Japanese will stop, as no one that reads this can speak Japanese.

I love how every time I write I write about how I'm planning to start writing more often. I really really AM planning to start writing more often. . .but as well all know, plans don't always go. . .as planned.

First of all, before heading over to Tokyo, I went to Kasugai to meet up with my friend Yuuki, and we tried to go to a pottery museum (well, really it was the donburi kaikan), but it was unfortunately closed. Luckily, there was an awesome view!

And there were fun things outside.

And there was this really cool froggy thing that we tried to take a picture in front of, but unfortunately I just got us and not the frog.

Then Tokyo was AWESOME! It was so great to see Martin again and just get to hang out. The first morning we woke up and went to a Hawaiian festival.

There was this huge beautifully pink store at the metro stop where we arrived, and I got to ride on my very first unicorn.

It was awesome.

Then we watched muscular men with creepy smiles dancing around in grass skirts.

This also was sort-of awesome.

Then Martin and I went to go eat food at Hanada Rosso, and, though it was a little bit expensive, the veggie burgers were, as always DELICIOUS!!!!

Obviously, us being us, it wouldn't be an Audrey/Martin weekend together without a little bit of karaoke.

The next day Martin had to have lunch with some friends, so I headed on over to the Shibuya area for a delicious lunch at Pure Cafe. On my way, I saw this super cool flower thing.

And after lunch, since I was there, I of course had to go check out Shibuya 109.

It was Golden Week, so it was literally so packed that I could barely breathe. There was even a mega sale going on in one of my favorite stores, JSG, was even having a sale, and I didn't go. I just took a quick look around before being so overwhelmed by people that I just had to leave. On the way back to meet Martin, Kame-chan and Eita were next to each other in the subway. I was very happy. (Yes, I realize, I am a 12 your old girl in my head, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that this would make happy).

Oh, I also got to eat at Little Heaven while I was there, just one of the two best pizza places in the world (the other, was, oddly enough, in Budapest). Pure happiness. Other than that Martin and I just did a lot of being Martin and Audrey - talking, catching up, hanging out. It was so good to see him again. MARTIN, COME BACK TO OKAZAKI!!!! Back in Aichi, I got to hang out with Steven for the first time since being back.

We went to get his ears pierced. It was cool to get to hang out again. Other than that, I've just been hanging out with Rachael alot. Apparently that band Alfabeto plays at Sound Street ALL THE TIME (I asked the bassist, he said they play most Saturdays), because Rachael and I have managed to see them what seems like a bagazillion times now. The first time, as you'll recall, I liked the music, but I like it more and more every time I hear them. I don't know if it's because they're getting tighter as a group or because I'm getting more used to their songs, but I've been really into them.

Check em out:

I think I might have a friend crush on the bassist (you know, when you think someone seems cool and you feel like you want to be friends with them but you realize it will probably never happen). His name's Toshi, and he likes Hey Smith, and he's super funny and crazy and nice, and I feel like he could introduce me to lots of cool bands.

This past weekend, I went to Sakae Spring 2012, but it's past midnight, so that will be for next time (which will hopefully be SOON).

But, since I'm writing, two things: First, my sister was nominated for the AWESOME award at this Tread on Trafficking thing that she is doing. It's a super amazing cause working to help stop sex trafficking of girls, so click on the link and vote for her (it's super easy to do and will take two seconds of your time) and learn a little bit more about treading on trafficking. DO IT NOW! (and obviously you'll be voting for Kristen Baker, because she's the awesomest of the awesome)

Secondly, my friend Asha has been trying to gain money for a project she's working on using Kickstarter. So click this link and check out The Places We've Been, and if you think it's awesome, which you surely will, donate! Minimum pledge is $5 - you definitely won't regret it!

Oh, and one more thing. I am somewhat obsessed with this song:

I have listened to it about 20,000 times today. It is awesome. I can't get enough.

And until next time, which will hopefully be very soon.

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