Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm sorry about the sun, how could I know that you would burn

I just realized that I totally forgot to write yesterday about the annular solar eclipse. Apparently, it was the first time you've been able to see it in Japan in hundreds of years.

The Sunday before, I went several places looking for solar eclipse glasses, but because I'd waited until the last minute, there of course were none. I decided to wake up early Monday morning to go check it out anyway.

Unfortunately, it was super cloudy in Okazaki in the morning, so when I got there, there was nothing to see anyway.

When I got there, I met up with some friends, and luckily one of them had bought a ton of solar eclipse glasses from amazon, a pair of which he was kind enough to let me borrow.

Us hanging out in our solar eclipse glasses. At that point, we actually couldn't see a single thing. The only thing you can see through those glasses is the sun, so wearing them was a little bit, in a way, like being blind. Anyhow, I was glad to have them, because when it did clear up, it meant I didn't have to look at everything through the pond.

To be honest, the brightness of the sun was so bright that it actually hurt my eyes a bit looking at it in the pond. When it finally did clear up enough for us to see it, it was actually towards the end, so we didn't get to see the "annular" part. Still, it was pretty cool. A picture taken through the glasses of the moon taking a bite out of the sun:

And I leave you with the song from the title of this post:

Bad Religion - yeah, totally one of the greatest punk rock bands. And The Gray Race - totally one of the greatest punk rock albums of all time. (Yes, I do realize that this song is from Stranger Than Fiction)


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