Thursday, June 14, 2012

Laryngitis = no fun at all!

I miss talking.

I was in the middle of a conversation on Saturday night when suddenly my voice just stopped coming out. Seriously. One word was totally fine and the next was all "squeak squeak scratch scratch, huh!"

Saturday night. Then on Sunday I decided to keep talking all day anyway, but it was just weird sounds coming out of my mouth, and it was painful. Then Monday was even WORSE. I had to go teach after school, and it took such effort to get words out of my mouth that I almost threw up.

Then Tuesday I woke up and called Kristen to tell her Happy Birthday (have you voted for her yet? You have one day left, and it's super easy, so DO IT NOW: VOTE FOR THE AWESOMENESS OF KRISTEN BAKER!!!!), and we could only talk for about 5 minutes because it was so painful. And then when I got to school and tried to speak, nothing came out. I literally couldn't speak a word for the entire day.

I even had to go to work and was all gestures and dancing and CD, because the words just weren't coming out of my mouth.

Today, THURSDAY, it is FINALLY starting to get a little bit better, but frankly, I still sound like I'm crying instead of speaking. And it hurts. And every time I say more than a sentence or two at a time, I start coughing like a psycho maniac.

I am sure this is very interesting to you all. It's just that I'm just so over it - I love to talk! I want to talk! Dear voice, PLEASE come back to me!

In other news, I bought my tickets to go see Ayabie, and I am more than excited beyond belief! I thus leave you with a song I've been totally digging lately:

It's only a short clip, but I am SO into the way 夢人(Yumehito, the singer) sort-of throws his voice around. The singer of Knock Out Monkey does the same thing, and I more than love it!

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