Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bonne Fete Ste-Audrey!!!!

I am annoyed.
I have been sick for over a week now. And it's not like I feel bad. I don't have a headache or a stomachache or even a sore throat. But I have been using at least 2 12 kleenex packs a day. Normally when I am sick like this, I use about one kleenex a day. This means that I have been using about 23 more than average. It's ridiculous, and I am SO over it.
But really, that's not the real reason I am annoyed.

LM.C (aka Lovely Moco Chang), these boys right here, are the real reason that I am annoyed. Now, most of you know about my love of Japanese music, with emphasis on Visual and Oshare Kei. These would be one of those groups. And while they are no An Cafe, I do love love L<3VE them! And what I especially love is the new single that they have just recently put out: Punky Heart. I mean, how me does that sound? Punky Heart!
So anyway, when I say that Punky Heart came out recently, I mean that the CD version was released a good month ago - sometime a little bit before May 20. And I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING oh so very patiently for Konci to get a copy. Konci is the store right across the street from where I live that sells all sorts of Japanese things. But they STILL don't have a copy. I've even made my way over to all of the Japanese stores on Rue Keller. But no, NONE of them, not a single one, has received a copy of this coveted single. I don't know what to do. I am becoming impatient.

I mean, just look at these dudes - they practically scream AUDREY! I'm ready to be the owner of this CD. I guess I'm just going to have to order it soon.

In other news, today is la fete de Ste-Audrey. Basically, every day of the calendar year is the day of a specific Saint. And June 23 is Ste-Audrey's day. In France, they celebrate these things. The day of the Saint that has your name (if you are so lucky as to have the name of a saint - apparently, I am!) is considered your fete. So anyway, today is my fete. Wish me BONNE FETE! I was so happy that all of my students wished me Bonne Fete this morning. Before that, I thought it was just the older generation that thought about this kind of thing.

I guess this is supposed to be her.

Unfortunately, I have no idea whom Ste-Audrey actually is. I just looked it up, and this is really the only thing I can find about her: that she was an English princess whose real name was Etheldreda (or Aethelthryth - I prefer Audrey, although Etheldreda is pretty cool) and that she took a perpetual vow of virginity and thus had two unconsummated marriages. Oh, and also that she died of an ugly tumor on her neck (I hope that this is no indication of my future) and that the word "tawdry" came from Ste-Audrey and originated from the types of goods they would sell on her feast day.

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Alysia said...


Ariane said...

T'es chanceuse, moi je ne pense pas que j'aille de sainte à mon nom... attend je regarde...
Yééé! La Sainte-Ariane est le 18 septembre!

Cathryn said...

Laissez les bonne fete roulez!

Or something like that!

Nicolas said...

Bonne fete Ste. Audrey! By the way, you're not an ex-mathematician. Being a mathematician is something that, once contracted, never goes away. Kind of like herpes.

kristen said...

whoops...i forgot about your fets...bonne fete! i hope you had a great day and your orchid is great!