Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is coming!!!! and BOOK SUGGESTIONS, anyone? aka the boring post with the long title

I haven't updated in a whole 10 days because I feel like I have had very little today. I've been starting to wrap things up in my classes, as I only have 2 1/2 weeks of teaching left. I am kind of super mega psyched about this, despite the fact that it being all over means that I WILL NO LONGER HAVE A JOB! Which on one hand means I will have TONS of free time and will no longer have to set my alarm for 6:48 in the AM every morning. But on the other hand means that I will no longer have any money.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the no money sitch, but in the meantime, I'm ignoring that fact and starting to make my summer plans as if the money will just keep coming. In the beginning of July, I'm planning on just chillaxing (yes, I did indeed just use that word) and maybe doing some editing of the book that I wrote back in November. Yes, I know, 7 months later and I am FINALLY thinking of getting around to doing some editing. Then on July 11, Celine and Guilhem are getting married somewhere in France that is not Paris. So I will be going there. And Bastien will be in town for the wedding, which I am super pscyhed about. He's living in Shanghai now, for those interested.

Then I will be hopping on an airplane and heading home (soooo scary) on July 15th. So, if anyone in Louisiana is reading, I'll be around from JULY 15 to AUGUST 9 minus a few days to be elsewhere. My dad has suggested that I take some FLYING LESSONS to help get over my fear of flying, so I am thinking about doing that.

After that, Guillaume has three weeks off at the end of August, so I'm starting to plan a vacation for us. We were thinking of maybing getting a Eurail pass through Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Has anyone every been to these places? Any recommendations to make? I'm especially interested in Slovakia.

I'm also in the process of building up my SUMMER READING LIST 2009!!!! Lots of free time means lots of reading time. :-) This is basically the list of books that I plan to read this summer. Usually, most of those books get read, more get added on, and some end up getting pushed back/thrown off the list. So anyhow, I've got some great books lined up, but the list is not quite yet done. So I would love suggestions from people. Are there any great books that you have read recently (or even not recently) that you think that I would like? PLEASE! Help me with my book list! :-)

On a completely different note, all (=most) of my students lately have been asking me what things like Edge, Undertaker, and Mysterio mean. They have also been spelling things for me like Kingston and McCool but then not knowing what they mean. I've been wondering WHY. Where could these words be coming from. I've asked some of them, but it's always when they're headed off to lunch, and as of yet, none of them have had the time or the attention span to tell me why they want to know.
Well, it was fire drill week at the schools last week, and I finally got my explanation when the kids all pull out their World Wrestling Federation (it's not called that anymore, is it? What's it called now?) cards. And I see THE UNDERTAKER. And EDGE. And KOFI KINGSTON. And REY MYSTERIO and MICHELLE McCOOL. Yes, this year, it would appear that my students are all obsessed with wrestling. And High School Musical and Camp Rock, of course, but mostly wrestling. What a weird thing to be obsessed with. I don't know why, but I just don't associate wrestling with France. Last year, all of my students were obsessed with TEKTONIC, which, y'know, is a trademark dance that is at least registered to a French man. And also, at least it was active, and kids should be active (as should everyone). They would spend their recess practicing their tectonik dance in front of the big library window in which they could see themselves. I must say, it made for some hilarious recess time watching for me, as I was often sitting inside the library, where they could not see me. But wrestling? C'mon, kids! I mean, they're not wrestling at recess time. They're looking at their wrestling cards and comparing them and talking about them. Seriously!
Anyway, click on the link and they watch the Yelle "A Cause de Garcon" video. Good watching. :-)

Well, that's all for today folks! A post with no pictures. Ohhhh yeah! And please, send me book suggestions!

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