Saturday, June 27, 2009


Could also be known as FINALLY a short post (hopefully)!

Because I just realized that I totally forgot to write about our kitchen fire, and I thought it deserved a few lines.

Guillaume and I were having some friends over for dinner the other night:

Olivier and Audrey


Ben and Yann

(Sorry about the blurry crappiness of these pictures - they're just the ones that were taken that night that seem to be the only ones I can find of them)

I was making a vegetable lasagne and had pretty much everything ready and laid out over the counter, waiting to be assembled. I just had some last eggplant to heat up in the oven. I don't know what happen, but the silicon pan it was in caught on fire. I opened the oven, and there were ENORMOUS flames shooting out. I was all "Um, Guillaume, . . feu." I just kinda sat there shocked, doing nothing, thinking "Is our oven a gas oven? Does that even exist? I shouldn't put water on gas fires."

Luckily, Guillaume was a bit more on top of things than I was, and he ran over and immediately threw water on it. The fire went out, but our apartment was FULL of smoke and snowing ashes. ALL of the food got covered and was thus ruined. We cleaned for over an our trying to get the ash off of everything. This was over two weeks ago, and I am STILL finding ash. Ridiculousness!

I had made some delicious strawberry shortcakes for dinner as well, which luckily were covered and thus ended up being the only thing saved. Needless to say, we ended up at the Ethiopian restaurant and then came back chez us for dessert.

I guess we're just lucky it wasn't worse. If Guillaume hadn't been there, I'm sure I would have ended up burning down the house.

Does this count as a short post?

3 things said:

kristen said...

Audrey...a house we haven't talked in forever...i will be driving tomorrow between 1 and 6 ish my time and Monday ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!!

Spiggy said...

Oh man!

You guys don't have extinguishers?

brizmus said...

Nope, no fire extinguishers. It's ridiculous, isn't it? I was thinking about it, and EVERYWHERE I have lived before here has just come with a fire extinguisher included. Mandatory.
What is wrong with France, man?