Saturday, June 20, 2009


"It's the final countdown." Great, now I have this Europe song stuck in my head. Um, seriously, what kind of name is Europe for a band, anyway?

Ohhhh, why can't awesome 80's hair and awesome 80's hair bands still exist? ::sigh::

Right, so I think that it's time to start the countdown. To lots of fun and exciting things!

Countdown #1:
*10* Days Until My Last Day of Work
That's right. There are only 10 days left. And 2 of those 10 days are weekend days during which I won't be working. I'm pretty psyched about this, but mostly because it means that I will no longer have to set my alarm for 6:48 AM, which is FAR too early for anyone to have to wake up. I think that if I could set my alarm for 7:48 or even 8:28 every day, I really wouldn't mind having to get up in the morning. So yes, I am excited that, 10 days from now, I will start being able to wake up whenever I want every single day (with the miniscule exception of Wednesdays, the day on which I still will have a job). But I'm also sort of sad - I'm going to miss my wrestling loving kiddos. I'm going to miss how excited Sebastian always is to see me. And Steven's adorable evil guilty smile every time he does something wrong. And how Nihel always has something to say about everything. And the ridiculous things that Theo does to get attention. And the way that Sofiane reminds me of Guillaume. And how Florian and Romain think that they can get away with anything because they know I like them (sadly, it's true). Anyhow, you guys don't know any of these kiddos, so I guess I'll stop here before I have something to say about every single one of them. Yeah, so I'm excited and sad about this coming end.

This is Mike Dirnt, the bassist of Green Day. He has nothing to do with anything I am writing, but he was the first love of my life, so I thought a picture was needed.

Countdown #2:
*4* Days Until the Lesson Plan (that is hopefully the last part of my Westgate application) Is Due
This is really the never ending application. It just keeps going on and on and on. Every time I think that I have FINALLY finished and there is no way that they could possibly send me anything else, they find something else for me to do. This time, I have to make a lesson plan so they can get an idea of my teaching style. I already answered about a bagazillion questions to give them an idea of this. But still. . .at least this time I REALLY don't know how they could possibly ask more of me. After this it must be the interview. It's due in 4 days, and I haven't even looked at it yet. Go me.

More Mike Dirnt Gorgeousness

Countdown #3:
*3* Days Until My Last Japanese Class
This would be ridiculously sad, but apparently there are going to be summer classes the first two weeks of July. And assuming that I am able to find my checkbook before Tuesday, I am going to be taking them. So it's all good.

That's how you write my name in Japanese!!!!

Countdown #4:
*2* Days Until I am Supposed to Have Finished the Book I am Reading
I'm reading "Millenium 2: La fille qui revait d'un bidon d'essence et d'une allumette" by Stieg Larsson. I think in English they called it "The Girl Who Played with Fire." It is SO good! Shockingly even better than "Millenium 1: Les hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes," which I think was called "the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" when it was translated into English. They're in Swedish originally. Anyhow, Sebastian (a student) saw me reading it Monday, and it's long, so he was wondering how much I would have read by the next Monday. I told him I will have finished. He laughed. So now I have to have finished. Luckily, I almost have.

YUCKY! There's a cigarette on the cover!

Countdown #5:
*5* Days Until My Summer Reading List 2009 Is Finished
Yeah, like I said last time, I've been working on compiling a list of books that I would like to read this summer. I've decided that I want to have it vaguely finished by Friday so that I can have looked it over long enough to decide which one to read first. Last time, I asked for RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!, and only *ONE* person gave me one (merci bien, Amanda!)! Last time I asked for recommendations, I read and loved pretty much everything everyone recommended (special thanks to Kristen S. - you recommended some awesome books back then!). So PLEASE, recommend please. Perhaps no one reads my blog anymore? Oh, how sad this would make me.

It's really not possible to get enough of Mike.

Countdown #6:
*25* Days Until I Go Home For Summer Fun
Yep, that's right. In exactly 25 days, I will be heading to Louisiana. As of right now, I've got no plans. Hopefully go visit Spiggalicious, and trying to plan a week long trip with the fan, but nothing is yet set in stone. So if you'll be around, let me know!!!! :-)

That's chez me right there in the middle by Alexandria!

Okay, I am sure that I could think of about a bagazillion more countdowns that I should be having if I wanted to, but this is already getting kind of long. Every time I write, I tell myself that the next time I write I will write less. So that people will look and be more likely to read. But I start writing and then just keeps going and it never ends up being less. Hopefully people read, anyway.
Right, that's it. Please don't forget - BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS! I'm begging, here! :-)

3 things said:

Ariane said...

hey Americain beauty queen,
I read the post until the END. I always read you ;-P
Book recommendation : sadly, I'm currently reading Millenium 1. I read the first quarter, and it's already good. And the past books that I read were really not good. soooooooooo
Maybe "Véronica décide de mourir" by Paolo Coelho. It's really good. And any book by Isaac Asimov (if you like Sci-fi and robots).

Cathryn said...

Not true, I totally gave you a book recommendation...

The other books I've read recently, I wouldn't recommend (as we discussed). Besides those, the books I'm reading right now are textbooks and patrol tactics... which, although exciting for me, I wouldn't recommend for you.

Also pertaining to books, I have some that I bought for you for Christmas along with some other things... but you told me not to send stuff to you because of your mail sitch. It's still sitting here waiting for you =)

brizmus said...

Merci pour tes recommendations, Ariane! J'ai lu un autre live de Paul Coelho que j'ai bien aime, et j'adore isaac asimov, et ca fait longtemps en fait que je reflechi a relire les livres "Foundation." Peut-etre que ca sera cet ete!

And Cathryn - you're so right, you did recommend me a book. I can't believe I forgot about that. I am sorry for not giving you the credit you so much deserve. I am so excited that you have Christmas books for me! I can't wait to get them when I visit you this summer - speaking of that, we need to work out when that's going to happen.