Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Horror of Bows

I know I just posted, like, 2 seconds ago, but then I came across this very old picture, and I just had to post again.

The second one from the left is my sister. That is a bow on her head (there is also one on Lizzie's head - Lizzie was one of her best friends at the time). Most likely, our mother MADE her wear that bow. You see, she for some reason LOVED these hideous bows. If I'm not mistaken, I HAD to wear them up until 6th or 7th grade. I assume that it was the same for Kristen.

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade (it may have been earlier, but I kind of don't think so), my mother made a deal with me. She said that she would allow me to dress myself IF AND ONLY IF (IFF for the mathematiciens out there) I would wear a bow. It is the biggest shame of my youth that I had to wear one of those hideous things basically every day.

It's not just me, is it? They really are horrible, right? I am SO glad that they are out of style, and I do hope that they NEVER come back into style!

5 things said:

Kristen said...

audrey....i think i look cute!!!!! the sad thing is that they are not out of style...if you go to Louisiana you will see tons of kids wearing bows bigger than their heads!

Sara said...

Ha! When I was around the same age, I always had short hair and WISHED that I could have hair long enough for a bow. I was so envious of all the other girls' hair thingies.

Though I will say that I really do hate it when girls/women older than 10 or 12 wear them. I was in New Orleans this weekend and saw a woman who must have been at least 18 with a huge bow on her head. No. Just no.

Spiggy said...

I think they are wonderful. (Sorry)

brizmus said...

Sara who?
How funny that you envied what I would have given anything to get rid of. Including all of my hair. And I'm with you -18 with a big bow? No. Just no.

Paul said...

omg audrey! I am with you on this bow thing. Sarah had to wear the same thing, I think they're monstrous.