Friday, July 03, 2009

More Bows, Blood, and Books

So the bow thing?
Yeah, apparently it's only me. All of the comments/e-mails I have gotten in regards are basically people telling me how cute they think they are.
And not only that, but apparently they're not out of style, either. Which I should have known.
In Louisiana, Kristen says all of the little kids are still wearing them.
And then I was watching the last episode of season 2 Gossip Girl the other day, and I realized that Blair Waldorf is a hardcore hair bow fan - even if they are mostly bow headbands. I'd like to have a word with the Gossip Girl costume designer.

Notice that it is not only in her hair that she likes bows

So yeah, it's just me.
I blame it on my traumatic childhood experiences with bows. Being FORCED AGAINST MY WILL to wear bows larger than the size of my head no matter how much I protested against it - yeah, I think that could make a bow hater out of anyone.

Enough about bows, though. Today is officially my second day of freedom since the end of my job. Last night Landry, one of my students, called me. It was very cute. He misses me already. :-)

I have been definitely taking advantage of having nothing to do. I declared yesterday and today "Official Catch Up On Comics" days, as I haven't really had that much comic book reading time lately due to all of the great real books I have to read (and due to the fact that with my measly pay here in France, I can no longer really afford them).

Unfortunately, though, I started this new book from my summer reading list "Samurai William: the Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan," and it is SO good, so it's been hard for me to actually put it down to read comics. It's definitely a must for anyone interested in the history of Japan. I have been learning SO much from it. In a good, fascinating way. Not in a boring, history text way. Although comics are also good. :-)

I also went to see Blood: The Last Vampire yesterday, and while *I* loved it, I'm not sure how much other people will love it. The special effects were amazing as was the plot, but the actually story line (aka dialogue, ways of passing from one scene to the next) could have used some work. It was definitely BETTER animated, but still. . .I think it was good.
I also FINALLY got around to making some ice dream yesterday - chocolate coconut with flecks of chocolate in it. Talk about YUM! It's so nice to finally have tons of time on my hands. :-)
And now, to do something productive with that time - back to reading Samurai William. Can that be considered productivity, I wonder?

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Ariane said...

Lucky you, tu es en vacances! Moi je travaille jeudi-vendredi-samedi-dimanche-lundi-mardi cette semaine...
Et je ne savais même pas que Blood sortait en film! J'ai bien aimé la série (quoi que un peu longue) et l'animation... peut-être que j'irai le voir...
* pour le truc avec les boucles dans les cheveux... moi je n'en ai jamais porter et je trouve ça un peu laid. *

Anonymous said...
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