Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guilhem et Celine se marient

So, this past weekend, Guillaume and I went to Le Mans (there's the s word that I was always forgetting) for the wedding of Guilhem and Celine, and we had SO much fun!

Although it didn't start out seeming like it was going to be fun. Le Mans is supposed to be a 3 1/2 hour drive MAXIMUM from Paris. Well, there was SO much traffic that it took us *2 HOURS* to go the first 20 kilometers. It was really stop and go the whole way there, and in the end it took us 6 hours. No fun at all.

When we got there,

we were exhausted and

we ended up having to change in and beside the car

because we were running so let. Luckily, we had left extra early.

We met up with

LeAnne, Mounir, Ben, Gamze,

Olivier, Audrey,

Bastien, Yann, Nicole, Brice, and Djenane (of whom I unfortunately did not get a picture).
The ceremony itself was beautiful, in the most gorgeous Catholic church. I just thought it was weird that it seemed to be far more about God than about Guilhem and Celine. Especially considering that they're not very religious people. But I guess that's actually a pretty normal occurence, even if it is one that does seem odd to me.

Guilhem and Celine, just married!

The reception afterwards was in this gorgeous place called the Domaine de Bel Air. It was really beautiful, and they had blankets laid out everywhere in the grass instead of tables, which was actually really cool. And there was a guy dressed up as a jester doing magic tricks and making balloon animals.

He made me a flower!

After a while we all moved into the building where dinner was being served. All of the tables were themed with themes based on television shows. It was really cool. The idea being that Celine and Guilhem were the stars of all these shows and that their marriage is the next "episode" of their lives. It was a really cool idea, and it worked really well. Unforunately, I didn't get any pictures at all after we moved inside.

Dinner was fun, as it was constantly interrupted by tons of activities. We played "Guess that song" with songs from some of Celine and Guilhem's favorite movie. Bastien had prepared a video of all of the previous "episodes of their lives." We sang a song that some people had written about them. It was very cute. There was a quiz about how well we know them. Anyhow, it was fun.

Afterwards, there was a DJ who was playing mostly awesome music (ridiculous, right, as I was in France, and French DJS usually don't even seem to know what awesome music is), and I even managed to convince Guillaume to dance (YAY!). :-) Brice and his girlfriend, Djenane, are AMAZING dancers, and I was ridiculously impressed.
And it's just a testament to how completely uncoordinated I am that, even with Brice's awesome leading skills, I still managed to almost kill him and trip over his feet every single time we danced.
Yeah, that's me for you.

We left at 4 in the AM, and the party was still going strong. I felt like such a wuss because even the grannies and the little kids were still partying away while I was falling asleep.

We stayed in the AWESOMEST place that sort of reminded me of what a French duke's country home would be like.

This is the building.

This is our ENORMOUS bedroom.

I wish that we had had more time to spend in it, but unfortunately we had to leave early the next morning for the brunch, where we learned that apparently they had danced until 7 in the morning and then things had started up again at 10. Who knew that the French knew how to party like that?

Afterwards, I am happy to say that the drive back took infinitely less time than the drive there. And this is long, so that is all.

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Spiggy said...

I love the before and after pictures by the car! (Funny that there's no picture of the shoes - did you ever have time to find some?) You guys looked stellar =) I'm glad you had fun.

~Mikey~ said...

I just glanced at the post very quickly, and when I saw the picture with the jester, I thought it was Guillaume. So my thoughts were (1) where do they have cool weddings where the guests get to dress up in funky costumes, and (2) why in God's name is Audrey not in costume?

brizmus said...

lol Mike! I assure you, if ANYONE had been dressing up at a funky costume wedding, it would have been ME and not Guillaume. What an awesome idea! It was fun, though, that they had a jester at their wedding, ne?