Friday, July 10, 2009

I laugh in the face of progress

Tomorrow is Celine and Guilhem's wedding, and while I have a dres picked out (I will be sure to post pictures after the fact), I have NO SHOES TO WEAR! It wouldn't be appropriate to wear my Converse or sneakers with the dress, it's too hot for all my boots, and aside from that, I don't really have any other shoes here. So, today was going to be "find shoes to wear with dress day."

It is almost 4:00, and I still haven't left my apartment.

I don't think the finding shoes thing is going to happen. Especially considering I am leaving for home on Tuesday, and since Guillaume has the day off on Monday, and I will be out of town for the wedding tomorrow and Sunday, I have to pack today. I was also wanting to redye the blonde in my hair and paint my fingernails. Oh, and I have to go grocery shopping to make sure we have food to eat while there (where is there?, you may ask. I can never seem to remember. It starts with an M).

When did laziness take over my life?

I thought Mike Dirnt should make an appearance in this entry.

In other news, I have FINALLY started putting some serious work into my second novel, which is my summer project along with editing my first novel. Who knows, maybe it will actually happen. Here's to hoping!

Alright! I'm off to start some of my much needed to do list! Wish me luck!(Have you guys noticed how pointless my posts are starting to get now that I have stopped working?)

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Spiggy said...

Mike Dirnt is looking particularly good in that picture!

You can dye your hair and while waiting for it to set get your nails fixed up, then go shoe shopping on the way to the grocery store. No problem!!