Sunday, July 05, 2009

Morals in the Workplace and Brizmus Blogs Books

First of all, I know it's a day late, but HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being in France, I unfortunately didn't actually celebrate. Perhaps there were festivities going on here, but I didn't hear anything about them.

Instead, I hung out with Bastien, my French friend that I met in Montreal (who actually introduced me to Guillaume). He's living in Shanghai now (after a brief stint in Australia), and it was SO good to get to catch up and talk comics, etc. . .

One last thing before I call it a day.
I find that I am ALWAYS wanting to write things about the books that I read. And I'm always having to stop myself from writing entry after entry just about books. So I finally decided to start another blog in which I will write everything I have to say about BOOKS! You can find me at:

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kristen said...

stay strong sister and don't let the man (or that other person) get you down!