Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am home. . .

and this is what it's like:

and this is what it's like:

A billboard proclaiming "Wanted: Cooks for Meth Lab"
(picture to come soon)

But luckily this is also what it's like:


and this:

ZEDSTER! Oh, how I miss my kitty!

And of course this again:

Are these not just the cutest little pupsters you've ever seen?

I also went to see Harry Potter with David yesterday, and it was FANTASTIC! Which was to be expected, of course. Although Daniel Radcliffe is getting kind of ugly. His thin upper lip annoys me, and he seems to have an extremely hunched back. But that's not important. He did a great job acting, and that is what's important. I laughed and cried and yes. . . fantasticness. I SO can't wait for the last one!

More pictures of cutey animals to come soon! After all, the three B's (Buddy, Bella, and Bugly) and the two T's (Tigger and Tattoo) are missing.

3 things said:

Ariane said...

I'm so glad you keep posting while you're home...
I just returned from a get together at George's... kinda drunk... but no work tomorrow!!
Are you planning on going to Montreal?
(yes yes yes yes yes yes please)

Spiggy said...

Yes they are the cutest pupsters ever =)

Joseph said...

Hey Audster. Congrats on being home, and I hope you'll have fun. I haven't checked your blog in a while. I'm currently back home in Leb too. Nice pictures.